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about Royston Tan

Director & Film-Maker.
Location: Central, Singapore.
Birthdate: October 5th.

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Press Conference | Roadshows | Mindee's Injury | Updates

Press Conference:
The press conference for 881, which was held at the Singapore History Museum, saw a huge turnout from the media. All in attendance were treated to a 'getai' themed press conference, with performances from Mindee, Yannyann, Lingling, May and Choy. Entertaining all with their respective song & dance routines, Funkie Monkies' duo, Ngak & Jiahui also gave a performance of their own, to a very receptive audience. A surprised item was unveiled when the director himself, Royston Tan did a number from his film, accompanied by Qi Yuwu.

Immediately after the press conference, the 881 roadshow was kicked off as Royston & the full casts travelled to the event locations in style. An 881 themed pick-up van ferried them from the museum to the various locations, as the casts, equipped with loudhailers & extravagant costumes, stood at the back of the pick up van promoting their movie along orchard road. The team then set off to the event locations at The Heeren & Plaza Singapura's the Atrium where meet the cast sessions was held with performances and contests.

Mindee's Injury 01.08.07.
Actress Mindee Ong suffered eye and back injuries when two assailants on a motorbike pelted eggs at Royston & the casts during their travel to the 881 roadshow at The Atrium, Plaza Singapura. The director & casts were traveling on the 881 pick-up van from The Heeren as the two men slowed down beside the 881 van before launching a vile attack on the casts. On the motorbike that had its number plate covered (white tape), the two lowly men were chased by a crew car before losing their marker about 1 km away. The roadshow still went on as planned with a very determined Mindee bent on not allowing the incident to affect her morale. Fortunately for Royston, he managed to escape with a minor bruise but it wasn't so for Mindee. The egg shell got into her left eye, which later had to be bandaged. Also, Mindee subsequently developed an eye infection the very next day.
*Note: We do know who is responsible for this despicable act. 


Other Updates:
*due to the ongoing poster contest, other news will be released on a later date.

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  • Anonymous Anonymous says so:
    5/8/07 02:16  

    I hope Mindee is recovering and feeling better now. And glad that Royston was left rather unharmed. DO NOT LET UR MORALE GO DOWN!
    Im sure the ratio of hugs:eggs for you guys is definitely 10000:1.

    Here's a hug for both of u :)

    Prinzess top

  • Blogger “达人” says so:
    5/8/07 17:40  

    Hope Mindee is ok....Royston...must wreck the box office with the bang...Movie industry's Ah Beng!!!
    I will sure catch 881!!! top

  • Anonymous Anonymous says so:
    5/8/07 19:39  

    Stay strong you folks. :) top

  • Anonymous Anonymous says so:
    7/8/07 01:03  



  • Blogger Jaslyn says so:
    8/8/07 01:06  

    Mindee shaved her head for the movie? She's a good actress!

    The movie is awesome! The music too! Royston, you did a GREAT job! top

  • Anonymous Anonymous says so:
    8/8/07 19:21  


  • Blogger ROARRR says so:
    8/8/07 23:38  

    The show was awesome ;D top

  • Blogger socksiong says so:
    9/8/07 11:19  

    881 movie is spectacular! Saw Royston's signature at the end with the Mindee and YanYan rotation shot(i don't know what its called professionally). hope Mindee recovers soon. top

  • Anonymous Anonymous says so:
    9/8/07 19:03  

    hi,who is the narrator in 881? top

  • Anonymous Anonymous says so:
    9/8/07 23:55  

    its royston himself top

  • Blogger Ken * Frize says so:
    10/8/07 00:50  

    Would there be a soundtrack for 881??? hope that there would have as i think this is the 1st local musical movie and personally i really find that all the songs are really nice and i guess that all those that have seen the movie would feel the same way!

    the whole show is really nice top

  • Anonymous elaine says so:
    10/8/07 11:25  

    hi. let me introduce myself. I am Elaine Tan from MJC a local college in Singapore. My group and I are currently doing a proj on Royston Tan and he is our chosen groundbreaker. I am wondering if you can help us liaise with Royston Tan himself and arrange an interview for us with him? This is really important to us as it is a vital part of our group's proj. hahaha..i would greatly appreciate it if you would help us. THANK YOU!!! ^^

    elaine_bay@hotmail.com top

  • Anonymous elaine says so:
    10/8/07 11:28  

    hihi. elaine here. if it's possible, whether or not its feasible for you to help us to liaise with Royston Tan, can you contact me asap? THANK YOU!!!

    elaine_bay@hotmail.com top

  • Anonymous Anonymous says so:
    10/8/07 13:34  

    Hi all,

    Thank you for ur support and concern I am well now.

    I am delighted to know that most of you enjoyed watching 881. Really appreciate it! And thanks to Royston for such wonderfully work.

    881 Huat Ah!

    mindee top

  • Anonymous nj119 says so:
    10/8/07 22:52  

    Hi Director Tan, sorry for the inappropriateness to contact you through your blog. We are a group of students from national junior college and would need your help for our Project Work this year. We would like to know if you are willing to be the judge for a video competition related to Sir Louis Braille and his contribution and allow the winner of the competition to observe a real working day of a director. this event will NOT materialise but we would like to measure the feasibility of our idea and hence we need your reply. thanks a lot :D
    you can reply us via our email: njc119@yahoo.com.sg top

  • Anonymous Anonymous says so:
    10/8/07 23:15  

    881 is a great show. luv all the songs. way to gooo for all the people who worked for this film. saw from wiki that the soundtrack was released on 8/8, hope i can get 1 copy asap. top

  • Anonymous dyketheduck says so:
    10/8/07 23:55  

    i wanna find the song, ONE HALF.

    please do tell me where to buy or download :) top

  • Anonymous Anonymous says so:
    12/8/07 03:58  

    found the song.. support the soundtrack, i bought 881 soundtrack at music junction, u can check other cd outlets for the soundtrack. inside haf alot of songs they used in the film, got the one half and last breath, dam touching... top

  • Anonymous Anonymous says so:
    12/8/07 21:59  


    I watched 881 with my other half. We laughed, we cried... We simply loves it!

    On top of it, the songs in the soundtrack were so captivating, esp 一人一半. I managed to lay my hands on the OST CD and have been listening to it everyday.

    The rest of the world should watch this Singapore movie! top

  • Blogger angeLizm says so:
    13/8/07 02:22  

    hope mindee recover soon :)
    u're one of the potential local directors that i really love!
    881 huat ah! :D top

  • Anonymous aj says so:
    13/8/07 16:20  

    Hi there! I just want to say that I saw and loved 881. It's truly remarkable. I hope Mindee is alright and recovering. All of you have my support. 881! Huat huat huat! -aj top

  • Blogger *~*~Tones-Of-Pink~*~* says so:
    13/8/07 16:59  

    Awesome production!
    It's been a while since i brought my mom for a show in the movie theatre, so much like a hokkien musical, beautiful. =)

    the story touched me too... top

  • Anonymous elaine from MJC says so:
    13/8/07 21:22  

    Hi Bodyguard,
    I am Elaine Tan from Meridian Junior College.

    I am currently a Year 1 student and my group mates and I are currently doing an A-level subject called "Project Work". Under Project Work, we have chosen Director Royston Tan as our groundbreaker.

    I am wondering whether if you could possibly help us liaise with Director Tan to conduct an interview with him? It can be an e-mail interview. It may not necessarily need to be a face-to-face interview given Director Tan's busy schedule.

    My group and I would be very grateful to you if you would be able to help us!

    Thank You for taking your time to read this comment! Have a nice day!

    Yours sincerely,

    elaine_bay@hotmail.com top

  • Anonymous Anonymous says so:
    14/8/07 02:23  

    第一时间看了陈子谦的新作《881》。电影叙述的是一对执著于歌唱的年轻女子“木瓜姐妹”,她们的歌台奋斗和个人命运。陈子谦这次将关注重点放在 “七月歌台”,一个生命力坚韧而且非常活跃的,可是却又向来少被文化界和知识界重视的文化现象。如果说《15》是关于抽离过去、隔绝未来的当下,《4: 30》是对于未来时态的情感联系的想象,那么,《881》则是回到过去,用丰富的想象力和创意建构一种对于传统的认知和感受。







    《881》和《备忘录》上映的此刻,正是新加坡举国欢庆8 月国庆之时,这两部电影,在那铺天盖地的宣传主流意识形态的热潮之中,显得有点格格不入,甚至闪烁着嘲讽的暗光。因为《881》的提醒,我也想起了在这个热闹的月份,其实还有另外一批为数众多的人,正在庆祝另外一个和国家没有关系的节日——中元节。



    solidair23.blogspot.com top

  • Anonymous Anonymous says so:
    14/8/07 09:20  

    All you guys done a wonderful performance at Ubi getai yesterday. Very intriguing. The getai spirit was heighten up on the 1st day of the 7th mth. hurray!

    PZ top

  • Anonymous Anonymous says so:
    14/8/07 09:25  

    Roy, i brought dad whom haven't been to the cinema for the last 20 yrs to watch 881. A stern dad he is - didn't expect him to comment in e 1st place so was pleasantly suprise to hear him full of praise at your talent displayed in the show. I think this will encourage you much to get support from the family. Love you.

    Zing top

  • Anonymous Anonymous says so:
    14/8/07 23:11  

    Hello . I'm Candy . I have watched 881 . It's indeed , a nice show ! I love it very much . & I love the song . Can i get from you the song ? Thanks . (: top

  • Anonymous Anonymous says so:
    15/8/07 00:18  

    Who is that shity culprit!!! Mindee, pls get well soon. I have watched 881 this evening. It's very nice. I love all the characters inside. Keep up the good work!!! top

  • Blogger AC says so:
    16/8/07 18:35  

    You all did very well!! I love the movie. Pls continue to produce more about Singaporeans for Singaporeans.. top

  • Anonymous Pris says so:
    18/8/07 04:00  

    you guys rocked. the movie totally inspired me to learn more about ge tai. for the first time in my life(i'm 20), i visited a ge tai and throughout the entire time while i was there, i was just thinking about 881 and how much i'd have missed if i hadn't caught it. thanks for making me a little more interested in the traditions and intricacies that make Singapore my home. i'm glad you guys caught the eggy culprit! you guys deserve nothing but praise thrown in your direction. kudos to Royston Tan and cast! (: top

  • Blogger joanne says so:
    18/8/07 19:29  

    Thumbs up to royston! Watched this movie twice with my mum & frenz..( cried twice!)Mindee & yann yann performed vry well! It's such a nice show!Not to mentioned the lovely songs.. Just bought the OST but abit disappointed that 12 lianhua + the orchestra version and some other songs are not in it.. Hope that there will be OST 2 with all the other songs and vocals add on? Though the movie is still airing, im already waiting for the DVD! =) top

  • Anonymous Ying Tian (Yuwu Paradise) says so:
    19/8/07 01:43  


    Haha, its not we girls don't want to comment, but its because we cannot find the comment button!

    Finally discovered that to comment, need to click the numbers on the title, no wonder can't seem to find it!

    Anyway, your show is really superb! Not bias view just simply our Yuwu is acting.. but because the show is really touching. Today at Vivo (where you guys appeared) was the third time watching.. and each time, i discovered new stuffs! Like the first time at gala premiere, just watched it with some unresolved questions marks at my head.. then second time i watched, solved some of the mystery. Found that you like to leave clues for viewers to interpret and its not those very clearcut and commercial kind of movie! Thumbs up!

    & Also, thanks for getting Yuwu to act as Guan Yin in your movie! Next time must ask him to audition more for any numbers movies in future k.. be it 715, 716 or 717! Haha.

    The first time we met you was at the talk at bugis.. then subsequently, more appearances when we are chasing all the 16 881 roadshows & upcoming getai! It has been really fun & we really love all the cast.. be it you the director, music production (eric so cute!) or the GV helpers.. (but of course we love yuwu most!) :) Thanks for always being so nice to us! Its really nice seeing you at Vivo today explaining the film to the audience.

    Paradise girls will always love Rain Tree & Yuwu! :)

    Ying Tian
    Yuwu Paradise FC
    http://geocities.com/qiyuwu715 :) top

  • Anonymous Allison says so:
    19/8/07 12:47  

    Hi, Royston,
    Just thought I'd leave a comment since I was here. I'm from Dunman High, and you went there a few years back. We were shown snippets of your film, and we feel you have a sensitive soul and a very imaginative mind.

    I hope you'll keep directing, and keep on touching the hearts of us Singaporeans! top

  • Anonymous Anonymous says so:
    19/8/07 22:45  

    Hi Royston! I enjoyed the movie 881 very much! I'm looking forward to the DVD Release for collection! Hope the DVD will be packed with extras!!! ^^ top

  • Anonymous Anonymous says so:
    20/8/07 15:47  

    Just wanna tell Royston that his work is greatly appreciated by many people i know, including my friends, sis's friends & their mums. Unfortunately, my mum passed away last year this time, so i couldn't bring her to watch this movie. i was moved to tears when xiao mugua sang the 'Last Breath' in her deathbed. Those were the exact words (i pray to heaven n buddha to take me home) which i often heard my late mum said when she was ill and frail. i could appreciate your sensitivity to the sufferings of a dying person. It's real, and to the critics who said that those scenes were unnecessarily tear-inducing plots, they just need to be more sensitive to people around them, especially the weak and the sickly, to appreciate your work. top

  • Anonymous Anonymous says so:
    21/8/07 00:49  

    i've always like mindee's spunky and natural character in front of the camera. have missed watching her since her sitcoms back then. thanks for bringing her back royston! really like the colors in the movie, and i'm not jus talking abt the costumes. in luv with the lok kok flat, mindee's "rubber band" chair, 80's tiles, car and esp the hospital. swee lah! top

  • Anonymous Sheena says so:
    21/8/07 03:40  

    Hi Royston, thank you for making 881. It made me run through a gamut of emotions, and it has more heart than any Hollywood film with their nonsensical budgets. It was a polished piece of work with great writing, great cinematography, great soundtrack, great acting, and it's got truth. I'm going to try to get my hands on the soundtrack tomorrow (please tell me it's in stores). Oh, and thank you for making Hokkien more than just a farcical language; those songs never meant so much to me before. top

  • Anonymous Anonymous says so:
    21/8/07 15:03  

    Hey there,

    yesterday i brought my mom to the cinema to watch 881. its been like 15 yrs since she step into the cinema (ever since wang fei hong showed on the big screen). Being a Mrs Magoo herself, (blur and clueless), she expect the show to be blah, jsut someone imitating the Getai stages (since she is a getai fan).. but she was in awe after the show, citing 600 (Liu Ling Ling) was very funny and the whole show indeed caught the spirit of Chee Yue. XD AWESOME, I think i wanna get the soundtrack.. jilang.. ji puah.... gam ching mai suah.... hahaha top

  • Blogger “达人” says so:
    24/8/07 23:11  

    Royston's 881 has surpassed 1 million...to 1.3 million...Congratz...and also to the cast of 881 and the production...Well Done!hope got part 2! top

  • Anonymous Anonymous says so:
    25/8/07 00:00  

    Dear director tan, actually I'm not sure whether to say director royston or director tan! But I'm sending this email because, if you remeber, I asked for your autograph when you came to our school (rgs) on a yellow envelope. (and your photographer friend took a picture of me asking you some questions..)
    Anyway, I went to watch 881 on national day at gv plaza sing, and I must say, it was reallllyyyy awesome. The theme song, especially, was very touching. When the singer sang it at our school, it didn't feel the same as when I heard the song after the movie.
    My friend who went to watch the show with me said that it'd been a long time since he'd seen a movie that could portray the human emotions in such a funny-techno-but-endearing way.
    So I'd like to say thank you (: for directing this musical film, because, you could say, it's a breakthrough in the Singaporean movie industry, and because it's helped me to look at getais in a different light altogether. And I got to experience all the hokkien speaking without having a headache.
    Thank you very much! And I'm definitely looking out for more of your movies/short films! Also, to the cast and crew, thumbs up :D

    Jane(: top

  • Blogger hikaru says so:
    25/8/07 16:25  

    yann yann is such a great actress!!! top

  • Blogger roykwok22 says so:
    26/8/07 16:40  

    the musical is partly about the song that makes it all worth... so.. can post the lyrics online? top

  • Anonymous Lay Koon says so:
    1/9/07 18:54  

    Hope the film moving on its way to golden horse award this year DEC. in Taiwan. All the best to Roystone and the team. top

  • Anonymous Lay Koon says so:
    1/9/07 18:55  

    Hope the film moving on its way to golden horse award this year DEC. in Taiwan. All the best to Roystone and the team. top

  • Anonymous Anonymous says so:
    7/9/07 16:03  

    881 HUAT AH! hehee

    The best so far this year. Keep the standard up!

    Tony top

  • Anonymous Anonymous says so:
    20/9/08 02:23  


    A friend of mine living overseas mentioned that she lost one of her 881 cds. She only mention that the entire cd is in hokkien. I would like to buy her a copy for her birthday so could anyone tell me the details of the cd? Is it an OST which comes in 2 parts or it's an album of a singer? Thanks in advance! :) top