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about Royston Tan

Director & Film-Maker.
Location: Central, Singapore.
Birthdate: October 5th.

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The Main Prize.

5th Festival Signs of Night '07
The Grand Prix Prize

Latest: Royston Tan's Monkeylove was awarded the grand prize at the just concluded 5th edition of "Signs of Night" film festival in Paris. This is Monkeylove's 4th award since its' release in 2006 and 2nd Grand Prix Prize, enjoying both wins in France. 
Speaking exclusively to the bodyguard from Melbourne, Australia, Royston said that "again I guess this means more for monkeyboy, being his favourite country [France] and also having won it twice in the same country. He also added that its "a revisiting experience for Monkeyboy". On what Monkeylove's success means to him, Royston said, "I'm just glad how a simple film with a simple message can touch so many people". 
"I guess this means more for monkeyboy, being his favourite country." 
-Royston Tan

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  • Anonymous Anonymous says so:
    21/6/07 11:10  

    a good film transcends beyond countries, languages, gender, culture.


    kk top

  • Blogger “达人” says so:
    26/6/07 23:28  

    Hey Royston,
    Congrats on ur 4th award in monkey love...I just seen the Trailer of the movie "Becoming Royston"...got the urge to go and watch it!!!
    Looking 4ward to it

    Hope 2 see 881 reel soon!!!
    Darren top

  • Anonymous Anonymous says so:
    28/6/07 09:30  

    im deeply touched that your monkey love infected all the hearts in the world. Cheers. Prinzess z top