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Royston's Sketch.

The Bodyguard received a funny sketch
from Royston at 4:41 am last morning.
Care to interpret, anyone?

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  • Anonymous Matt-Inamorato says so:
    18/5/07 22:10  


    On the left...Its a timeline...If this were to be a movie debut...starting at 8/8/2007...U want it to be first screened at norway down to...the venice film fest? Im now trying to find out...where is the start of the arrow...hmmm....

    There is a bunch of funny weird BLACK scribbles at the top...fetf of 'focus editing'....perhaps it means you are feeling really flusterred and frustrated with stuffs...Say if it starts from the 'focus editing' thingy....two paths u go...you first do the 'voiceover' to edit the other 'soud' aspect of the movie....

    the other path u can go to is...'EXPLOSION'...which means to GIVE UP.......OR (as the 39 deg suggests) you may be suffering from a high fever from all the hardwork...

    now...lemme see the 'army' thing...hmmm.....Could it mean that during that 'BLACK SCRIBBLE' thingy...you are recalled for reservist? And perhaps that delayed the production of your movie (maybe 881).

    Oh, and the TEETHY MONSTER symbolises YOU. You and that trademark BUNNY EARS.

    Hmmm...GAAAH!!!! Just my silly little guess! Haha! *chuckles*

    Yours Truly,
    Matt top

  • Anonymous ael says so:
    18/5/07 22:10  

    latest kit-kat wrapper design. top

  • Anonymous whipslash says so:
    18/5/07 23:12  

    Focus too much will cause ILLUSION~~~ top

  • Anonymous whipslash says so:
    18/5/07 23:13  

    Focus too much will cause ILLUSION~~~ top

  • Blogger Phyllis says so:
    20/5/07 12:58  

    The monster is STRESSED and over loaded!!!! Beer? top

  • Anonymous Anonymous says so:
    20/5/07 23:35  

    on 8-Aug-07, from norway,india, australia & maybe venice.. have a monster appear.

    the army was there to attack the monster... send elite team & focus on killing the monster... they attacked in angle of 39degree...

    then explosion occured. top

  • Anonymous fyan says so:
    20/5/07 23:45  

    i guess u're thinking bout yr film... how far can they go.... and u're the bunny down with fever of 38 degress... and u're gonna do the army thingy after 881... and u cant seem to focus on it... top

  • Blogger karen says so:
    21/5/07 00:20  

    the rabbit is going mad and needs only red button to explode! hahahaha.... top

  • Anonymous Anonymous says so:
    21/5/07 15:35  

    It looks like you all over the shop, you have too many things on your mind. I think it's time to take a break and it better be soon!

    Royston's AD top

  • Anonymous Anonymous says so:
    22/5/07 17:47  

    a clear case of advanced dyscombobulation syndrome – someone is suffering from severe over-work and under-gratification here.
    to prevent it from festering into long-term brain damage and irreversible emotional distortion immediate self-solidifying measures like fly-fishing, soul-searching or simple joy are highly recommended.
    full recovery is still possible. top

  • Blogger Soul Twister dot com says so:
    23/5/07 01:41  

    The Rabbit is you, going crazy.

    you need a rest. :) top

  • Blogger DARREN says so:
    23/5/07 20:35  

    The ant=Royston
    Date:should be Movie to be filmed(But 881 is known to hit cinemas on 9/8/07)
    Australia=maybe target to be released,and other countries on 8.8.07???
    Royston wants to focus on the effects and also the sound of the movie...In case oF voiceover if required,must settle the song
    In case of explosion,avoid him cos he got a Fever...38 degree celsius
    I think that's wad Royston must be depicting...
    And also a Army Reservist for royston???

    Clouds=The Problems!!!He Gonna Get Crazy over so many matters...
    I guess this is wad he want to depicts!!!!

    Darren top

  • Anonymous Anonymous says so:
    26/5/07 23:46  

    This creature is freaking out...eyes all stoned out,. Ears never shut and constantly alert. it's ready to take anything coming it's way becos it'll all gonna turn good as the rock(body) is strong and steady. But it's clouded...constantly trying to stay focus. Targeted date for the best to be showed. creature is talking to people in australia a lot regarding 881. About the sound, the voiceover??? creature is gaggling the excitement with the army under very high temperature(wheather) creature, stay calm and wait for the explosion of all the juicy good work!!! it's me...aunty botak!!! top

  • Anonymous Anonymous says so:
    27/5/07 14:01  

    881 post-production delayed... struggling to meet deadline for 8.8.07 premiere and participating in venice film festival. top

  • Anonymous Anonymous says so:
    4/6/07 22:24  

    still ask prinzess be the 1st. U duno how many fanz u have meh? was the monstor reviewing his done and to be done items? then 1/2 way blow his head off! better go and stick ur head in the pillow. top

  • Anonymous Kevin says so:
    7/6/07 14:43  

    Haha ok I think to interpret it, the sketch would have to be viewed in the sequence it was drawn, so as to follow through your string of thoughts.

    First penned is the monster bunny which is labelled the Focus at the top. Then next would be a sort of time line at the left. The countries listed might be your itinerary for the next couple of months starting with Norway, where Monkeylove will be screened next week at the Norwegian Short Film Festival 2007. The ? beside Venice says that it is being planned but not firmed up yet, perhaps still pending submission of 881.

    Next up is to the right which details the constraints with post-production, what is Done and what is still under editing, such as the voice over.

    There seem to be some stuff to the left of Focus but later turned into a dark cloud of frustration which then leads to anger and explosion, which might have also caused the 38°C fever.

    In anyways, take care mate. Looking forward to 881! top

  • Blogger Simin Sweets says so:
    17/7/07 20:16  


    What is in the picture may be the entire time line of your upcoming movie 881, which will be released on 8/8/2007.

    The monster is you.

    The black lines and arrows symbolise the time line of the production of 881, where the voice-over was made, and you fell sick (represented by "39 degree celsius").

    The other black arrows on the left most corner of the picture may be your wish to have '881' known internationally, in countries such as "Norway", "Venice" etc.

    The messy structure of the picture may represent the busy and packed schedule of the entire production of '881'.

    Haha. Well. That was MY analysis.
    I need you to enlighten me!

    By the way, take care! Don't overwork! And ALL THE BEST FOR '881'! Will definitely show my support!

    Simin, the girl who interviewed you
    http://throw-away-the-wrapper.blogspot.com top