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about Royston Tan

Director & Film-Maker.
Location: Central, Singapore.
Birthdate: October 5th.

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World Premiere.

World Premiere.
Sin Sai Hong.

The world premiere of Sin Sai Hong (新赛凤) saw a capacity crowd at the National Museum of Singapore, complete with the troupe, their family members & friends. It was an emotional night to remember for not only the troupe but especially so for the faithful followers of the Sin Sai Hong troupe. They sang, cheered & teared throughout the 45mins screening.

for a review of the film, check out:

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  • Blogger DARREN says so:
    19/12/06 00:19  

    Hi Royston,
    I am Darren,the volunteer who Wenjie introduced me to you...

    1stly,I must congratulate to U for the success of the world premiere of Sin Sai Hong,I must agree that it's a wonderful film that I really enjoyed alot and learnt about the tradition of operas.

    2ndly,being part of the crew for the backstage in the gallery theatre is a good experience for me and being happy to be with my favourite director to be part of the making.

    3rdly,It was really a emotional moments for the troupe and you,cos it's the 1st time that an opera troupe was documented into a short film,and who knows,it may be the last time the cast will be gathered again...

    Lastly,I must say that it do contain all elements of emotions in the film...it really make me touched in the heart.

    Specially to Royston,Thanks for making it possible for the Troupe.I hope You will make more short Films,Show more "surprises" in the upcoming films to...I am looking 2ward in helping you again!!!

    P.S,I really like the songs in the film,perhaps U can come out with a soundtrack,so that the fans of Sin Sai Hong will remember the day if there is a day Sin Sai Hong is "gone":(,and hope U will produce the film into a DVD,so that I can share it with my family,about the film and also publicise about it!!!

    Congratulation Once again,
    Darren top

  • Blogger Philip says so:
    19/12/06 00:48  

    Wow, very informative blog about Royston.

    I'm very impressive about the write up on Royston, our very own & unique director of many award winning movies / films.

    Thanks for the very prompt & exciting details on Royston.

    Thank you & I will visit the website to get more updates on his excellent work.

    Keep up the good work.


    Philip top

  • Anonymous Anonymous says so:
    19/12/06 01:41  

    我是一名潮州人,今年29岁,生长在一个不注重传统文化,排斥方言的社会。不过,小时候,外婆也曾经带我去看大戏,至今让我难以忘怀。虽然我的福建话不太灵光,但《新赛凤》这部电影让我深深体会到新加坡地方戏曲的魅力,甚至让我回忆起童年看大戏的往事。尤其是看到演员那么投入,饰演的虽是虚构的戏曲人物,但唱出的却是来自肺腑内心,仿佛是在诉说自己内心的辛酸与隐痛,让我好几次忍不住流泪。谢谢新赛凤的演员,我度过了一难忘的夜晚!(浩威) top

  • Anonymous IWanTobeYourbodyguard says so:
    19/12/06 11:59  

    Hi tan its me again when ah u wanna contact me i waititng ah hey great work another collection ah huh ok la eh i still wanna be your bodygaurd ah go sack your old bodygaurd ah top

  • Anonymous Anonymous says so:
    20/12/06 01:18  

    hahhs.ii am one of the members of sin sai hong.ii saw myself in the movie.woah its really cool that we can be in the movie.hahhs...ii hope there will be a part two.royston eu did a great job...thanks alot.!=)) top

  • Anonymous Raf says so:
    20/12/06 17:43  

    Comment from a French who lives in Japan :-)

    I was quite far from Royston's work when I was in France and now that I live in Japan I'm still pretty far.....................

    Thanks a lot for everything, thanks to "Royston bodyguard" for this website who makes me feel closer, thanks to Royston for making so sensitive and smart films, thanks for sharing all that with us.

    Raf top

  • Blogger marija says so:
    21/12/06 19:04  

    Hello!!! This is Marija, an actress from Croatia, just wanted to send a kiss to the 'craziest' director I met so far.. You should come to my country sometimes, we'll figure out the most appropriate animal for your costume.. :-) Bye-bye, dear Royston! top

  • Anonymous Anonymous says so:
    25/12/06 16:33  

    HI,IM Liping,its a great pity that i missed the show on Sun,17th dec.I hope that there will b a re-run of it.I will definetely turn up!!! top

  • Blogger DARREN says so:
    11/1/07 20:37  

    Yo Royston,
    Congratz on your DVD as the best seller at HMV...may U have several best result in the year ahead!!! top