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Director & Film-Maker.
Location: Central, Singapore.
Birthdate: October 5th.

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Best Seller!

New Best Seller - 4:30.

一部对白少之又少的电影,如何紧扣我们的心,让我们屏息看完,留下叹息? 正如导演陈子谦所说:
“我觉得一部对白不多的电影, 也能触动人心。因为听不到的声音, 可以用眼神来了流露。触摸不到的人,可以用回忆来重温”。

没错,电影里的小男孩和韩国房客, 就是有如此没法用语言交流的情况下,展开-段令我们反思和惊讶的交往,甚至流下看不见的眼泪。

喝采佳作,千万别错过。值得收藏。 音像印象sights&sound-黄桌伦

Latest (HMV Singapore):

Royston Tan's feature film '4:30' reached another landmark as HMV Singapore announces the dvd to be among the best sellers in HMV Singapore this month. Royston Tan & crew (4:30) would like to express their biggest gratitude. "We thank everyone for making this happen!"

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  • Anonymous Matthew says so:
    8/1/07 23:45  


    Singapore's self-proclaimed Bad Boy in the film industry strikes again! This time, contrary to his controversial hit film "15", the young director's method of delivery is quiet and subtle, yet conveying an intense myraid of emotions.

    The film started off with a young boy creeping sneakily into his korean tenant's room. His mom is working overseas and is hardly at home and his father's presence is unknown. Perhaps due to loneliness, the boy seeked solace with the perfect stranger in the most unsual of ways - he quietly sneaked into his room at 4:30 in the wee hours of the morning daily. By intruding into his tenant's privacy, he gathered information about him and his way of life. Thereafter, he entered into his 'diary' what he found and the moments he shared with the man in their routine lives.

    These are the things he wrote/placed in his 'diary' in chronological order

    - Ingredients of beef noodles eaten by man

    - Pubic hair of Man

    - Photograph of Man Sleeping

    - Tears of man on his cut-out singlet

    Of course, I am not going to tell you guys about how he attained these stuffs. You have got to go watch it yourselves once it is out on the big screen - most probably it will be released commercially in Singapore, but I am going to keep my fingers crossed.

    Anyway, to cut the long story short, both protagonists are lonely souls whose need for emotional touch and human contact is so strong that words are not needed to express such agony. The Korean tenant had just lost his girlfriend and you can see his pains from his eyes and his actions. Both guys are suicidal and take drugs excessively. Indeed, this is almost like a silent movie. It is very visual.

    Whether the young boy have romantic feelings for the older man or whether the boy looks upon him as a father figure does not matter here. What matters is the emotional closeness both guys had for each other through a short period of four days - how both guys takes care of the other without having made known to the other. How they take care of each other emotionally.

    It is truly a beautiful film. I am not really in a state to write now (kinda lost for words, writer's block you could say!) but I really appreciate the film very much. Let's just say that the film has made me think about how human one is. To feel lonely. To yearn for love. To be emotionally attached to someone. It made me think that being distant with someone can have a diverse effect. One can turn to others for that same level of closeness that was shared before. And to share your pain with friends is a privilege. There are alot of themes in the movie that I cannot start to write as it will take ages to complete. The film also talks about being outcast, being in an unknown world, how our society is like and even rebellion.

    Go catch it! It is the only thing I can say now!

    Yours truly,
    Your Friendly Neighborhood Guy! top

  • Anonymous Mark T says so:
    13/1/07 14:16  

    finally yet still silently, my fav film making its impact everywhere. its about time. well done royston and crew. top

  • Anonymous Anonymous says so:
    16/1/07 15:32  

    “我觉得一部对白不多的电影, 也能触动人心。因为听不到的声音, 可以用眼神来了流露。触摸不到的人,可以用回忆来重温”。

    I can't agree more! its beautiful to just hear Royston's VO in the making of 4:30 DVD.

    Malaysia top

  • Anonymous Japfone says so:
    24/1/07 15:59  

    Hey, your flim just rawk!

    It's really wonderful for you to show case ur flims in my school. I catching up for more of your flim.

    Take care.

    Fuhua Sec.2007 top

  • Blogger kOk YoNg says so:
    24/1/07 16:46  

    thanks for comming to our FuHua sec !

    u threw oni 2 posters !
    but i got 1 ! u threw wan !

    yur videos are rather intresting !
    very funny, the first wan
    the tissue paper S$1 very funny . top

  • Anonymous Anonymous says so:
    26/1/07 23:31  


    freda's blog
    singapore top