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about Royston Tan

Director & Film-Maker.
Location: Central, Singapore.
Birthdate: October 5th.

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The 50th!

2007 Festival du Court Métrage
Clermont-Ferrand Grand Prix Prize
*Monkeylove (Royston Tan/Jpn, Sg/2005/Fiction/09'00/Beta SP)

In the winter landscape of Hokkaido, a guy in a monkey suit is searching for lost love. A meditation on life and art, love and longing, "Monkey Love" is lyrical, enigmatic, pensive, whimsical and spare - like a haiku.

The Royston Tan short film, Monkeylove has yet bagged another award, this time at the 29th edition of the Clermont-Ferrand Internation Short Film Festival in France. Competing in Clermont-Ferrand's 6th Lab Competition against 45 other films from 22 countries, Monkeylove was awarded the top prize of the competition, the Grand Prix. It's the second time Royston Tan has won in Clermont, the first one for "Cut" in 2005 when it won the canal + award.  

Monkeylove's award signifies a truly momentous landmark for Royston, as it marks his 50th(intl & local) award as a filmmaker/director.

The Lab Competition:
"..today's evolution of digital technology has caused art forms linked to the moving image to shine out in a cluster of forms, styles and trends. This contemporaneous multiplicity, where formats that were deemed obsolete – like Super 8 for instance - are actually being made new use of, serves as a melting pot for frictions and bypasses generating new energies. Our Lab competition is an invitation to journey through these newly created territories."

..its bittersweet, when Hiroaki Muragishi was alive i told him that if this film got to clermont ferrand festival, i would ask him to take my place instead and represent "monkeylove", he love france and speak perfect french, i guess he still went to the festival in the way of film and loved by many in the festival. I'm happy
Royston Tan.

*the bodyguard has been overwhelmingly proud to have been documenting our very own local success and would like to be the first to congratulate Royston Tan, producer Gary Goh & their crew on this milestone. 

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  • Anonymous lene says so:
    5/2/07 22:02  

    Congrats Royston! We are proud of you. Cheers to the entire production crew! top

  • Blogger mo says so:
    6/2/07 04:27  

    seeing you win is only to be outdone by seeing your films themselves.
    my congratulations & renewed thanks for "monkeylove" - it is bliss in a very "remote" way, life having outgrown the initial take, deepened it somehow; even for us who simply watch.
    my fav among your shorts! top

  • Anonymous new york girl says so:
    6/2/07 17:13  

    i know this movie has become one of royston's favourite work and i am truly happy for him for having it to mark his 50th award. Roy, you make me still want to strive for this dream. love you dearly! top

  • Blogger curt says so:
    6/2/07 20:04  

    I was in Clermont Ferrand last week for the festival. I really enjoyed your short films in competition. I'm glad Monkeylove won the price. Thanks again for these beautifull pictures. top

  • Blogger DARREN says so:
    12/2/07 20:49  

    Congratz to Royston 4 bagging another award for MONKEYLove!!!i known the news about 1 week ago...but i have yet the time to convey this message.Congratz once again top

  • Blogger Alex says so:
    6/10/07 12:46  

    Hi, where can I buy your movies online? top