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about Royston Tan

Director & Film-Maker.
Location: Central, Singapore.
Birthdate: October 5th.

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5th Year & Running.

Singapore Filmmaker's Showcase.
Fifth-year Anniversary.

Royston Tan kick start the new year with the Singapore filmmaker's showcase, a school touring programme with his short films. Fifth year in the running & touring more then 80 schools with the objective of introducing short filmmaking as a medium for youths. Celebrating its fifth year anniversary, we would like to express our gratitude from various schools which encouraged the team to continue believing and improving the showcase.

Here are some wonderful encouragements Royston & his crew received over the years:

Hwa Chong Institution - College Section
Extremely well-received by students who indicated their keen interest in bringing the programme back to college for their juniors in 2006.

Nanyang JC
I would like to thank Royston Tan for conducting the recent Singapore filmmaker's showcase at our school. I believe I speak for all the students when I say that we found the presentation to be exceptionally moving. His films have touched us all with its uncompromising yet thoughtful look at topics such as the realities of being a young Singaporean and the fragility of the human condition. Our students looked upon him as an example to follow! Royston Tan's Presentation display a flair for the visual medium and a assuredness and confidence that is rare for someone so young. I think what he have achieved here has definitely inspired our more artistically inclined students to purse a future in the visual arts. In ending, we will have further opportunities to collaborate on such showcases.

Temasek Polytechnic Library
(Polytechnic is the target audience) Engaging speaker!

Dunman High School
1) The students have enjoyed themselves.
2) The aritst also motivates the students in learning and teaches life values

Beatty Secondary School
A highly enjoyable showcase with a variety of flims which feature both acting, singing and dancing. Films were impactful and the presence of a 'live' component adds value to the performance.

Zaobao Students
Royston is really dedicated to film making and through the talk, the student participants sensed his enthusiam and passion. Royston is effectively bilingual and highly talented. The content of the talk was substantial and he showed the students that film making is for everyone. The students enjoyed his talk and many found it inspiring. 陈子谦是本地杰出的年轻导演。他的讲座,内容充实,让学生对电影制作有进一步的认识,也明白电影是一种生活。年轻人都充满梦想,陈子谦的讲座具启发性,让 学生的梦想起飞。

Cedar Girls
Students were highly engaged in an assembly programme that gave them a very unique experience and learning about something not often presented.

Victoria School
The film showcase was very engaging for our students. Royston was able to get the boys interested in film and understanding what goes on behind producing a film.

Deyi Secondary School
The showcase exposed my students to learn and appreciate Singapore Films, Filmmaking and Filmmakers.

Republic Polytechnic
The Singapore Filmmaker's Showcase had inspired many of our students and allowed them to have additional insights to the filmmaking industry in school. Special thanks to Royston and his guest Patrick for sharing with the students their experiences. This is a quote from one of our students, "The workshop allowed me to understand that filmmaking can also show people what life is truely about. The experience, the emotion, the story that are shown in Royston Tan's film has indeed inspired me."

River Valley High School
THe students really enjoyed themselves and the teachers too! Having Patrick come on stage and seeing how supportive the students were, it was really worth the money.


Very interesting and inspiring.

Beatty Secondary School
This has been a most enjoyable assembly session. Royston's short films reached out to students and staff alike. All were visibly moved and inspired by the films as well as Royston's own sharing of his experience and vision as a young film-maker. His ability to connect and strike a chord with the audience through his films makes such a session very effective. Mrs Chow, HOD/Humanities, said that in all her 17 years in the school, this is one of the times she's seen the kids most engaged! Most highly recommended!

Indeed there will be more schools in the line up this year. In Jan and Feb, Royston Tan will start the tour with Fuhua Secondary School (24th Jan), Ngee Ann polytechnic (24th Jan), Hwa Chong Institution (26th jan) and Temasek JC (21st Feb). So students, whats your after thoughts of the Singapore Filmmaker's Showcase?
*The Bodyguard welcomes all students and teachers from the respective participating schools to submit any feedback, pictures etc

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  • Anonymous Temasek JC says so:
    23/2/07 00:27  

    TJCians were awed by Royston’s wit (both in his sharing and films), smarting sarcasm, sincerity and passion. Despite having won a jaw-dropping number of awards, TJCians were touched by Royston’s humility and affability. Hurray for capturing local snapshots that are part of our precious heritage & national education, and bravo for fighting valiantly against stifling conservatism at the frontline; his talk resonated so strongly about censorship and the need to redress conservatism in the arts, which are crucial issues the younger generation has to address and grapple with. Thank you, Royston, for laying that foundation – for trying to conserve without being conservative - and TJ sends you our best wishes for your film-making endeavours and sincerest hopes in your conquests of more awards! ☺ top