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Director & Film-Maker.
Location: Central, Singapore.
Birthdate: October 5th.

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Sneak Peek. 881.

on set stills 1

Exclusive Trailer.

on set stills 2

as promised.
more to come.

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  • Blogger jimmy says so:
    14/7/07 02:00  

    hey Royston how come you always produce movies that people like my mom watch common why you ask Micheal bay for some tips? and maybe he could let you be 2nd producer royston tan right? or maybe you do a action movie with guns and women you know!

    your truly Jimmy the dude! top

  • Anonymous Jenkins says so:
    14/7/07 02:11  

    hey! shuddup jimmy. nice work royston. from the stills & trailer, it looks darn good.
    & to bodyguard, u should have started this years ago man.. ppl dont know what they are missing out. thanks mate, u the man. top

  • Blogger jimmy says so:
    14/7/07 02:17  

    hey jenkins your shut up PORKCHOP! I was giving my royston tan my opinion is that wrong? top

  • Anonymous Jenkins says so:
    14/7/07 02:25  

    peace out man. why u getting so pumped. i was merely giving an advice & an opinion for you to shut up since you seem to be talking nonsense. dont you agree. anyway this is not your blog so play somewhere else. theres important stuff going on here. top

  • Blogger jimmy says so:
    14/7/07 02:34  

    Peace out? wth you think this is? MTV cribs or some shit? i'm not playing anything DUDE! so why not you shut you hole and yes there are better things going on here but your not apart of it so scram go far far play with your blog or maybe you can creat your on blog?! top

  • Anonymous SHI T'ai-ri/SO T'ae-ri says so:
    14/7/07 04:34  

    Royston Tongsaeng,
    I have no idea if this will work. Probably better to just stick to e-mail. But good luck on your projects. They look good to me.
    SHI T'ai-ri top

  • Anonymous SO T'AE-RI says so:
    14/7/07 11:01  

    Keep up your good work and using Boi God actors like the one you have featured in 881. I will be looking for 881 and your other films. I loved 15.

    SO T'AE-RI
    TRACEY top

  • Anonymous Anonymous says so:
    27/7/07 14:36  

    ah tan....i miss those days!every time i see the teasers or the stills, even listening to the songs,my hair stand and my tears gather in my eyes...can't detact my feelings but the memories of what we went through kept flashing back. let shaving my head be the reason for 881!!!

    Dollei Seah top

  • Anonymous Anonymous says so:
    5/8/07 03:46  

    oh man, the trailer leaves me can't wait till national day! ahahaha...

    PZ top

  • Anonymous Anonymous says so:
    6/8/07 08:36  

    Just can't get enough of the trailer alreadi...

    PZ top

  • Anonymous Anonymous says so:
    12/8/07 23:46  

    heyy. sry to be rude . but can i have the song? my mum reali loves it but i dono hw / where to download it. i wana put tis song onto the ipod and give it to her on her birthday as a present. hopefully u can help me . ya.
    btw . tis is a very nice movie. catch it before it goes out from the cinema. =D peace.

    p.s it will be nice if u can send it to me =D. thanks. top

  • Anonymous Lew Yolk siti boi says so:
    13/8/07 21:20  

    I've seen the performance in Central Park with the 881 song during the Singapore Day in NYC. All my friends were leaving the event when the 881's song came up and all of us stayed throughout the event because of it. Well done Royston! I can't wait to watch it!

    the preview really bought me back to my childhood. My whole family hardly ever go to the cinema together, and because of this movie, they make an effort to watch it on National Day night! Thanks, Royston! :~( top

  • Anonymous Anonymous says so:
    19/8/07 02:38  

    The musical performances were definitely ace! But why the draggy subplots about cancer infidelity and poverty? If it were supposed to be a feature film, did you consider making it a happy-ending musical? Also, my friends and I were wondering why you didn't use wide lens for the stage acts. We'd have loved it just as a musical :) Good triumph over evil and all that jazz. Mindee and YannYann and the goddess woman were really good, but the MTV twins??? Meh. Bristled at their Mandarin.

    Good job overall though, the only thing I took away from 15 were the MTVs, and for 881 it'll be the same. :) Word going around is that it's overhyped, but I like to remember films in a good way, and for that reason I bought the OST. Was quite disappointed there weren't extended versions of the Hokkien songs though :\ Bummer.

    -g. top

  • Blogger wang wang says so:
    10/9/07 14:18  

    Please include the song name "Yearning" by Papaya Sister in OST. I love this song very much but can only hear it in youtube...so sad top

  • Anonymous Anonymous says so:
    8/11/07 20:23  

    wad songs did the papaya sisters sing with the gold coloured chothes...the clothes r veri nice top

  • Anonymous Anonymous says so:
    26/2/10 16:39  

    I really really detest your style and your taste and your work.

    This is to say I will never, listen. NEVER, EVER, watch a movie produced by ROYSTON TAN. top