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about Royston Tan

Director & Film-Maker.
Location: Central, Singapore.
Birthdate: October 5th.

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Update | Royston's Sketch 2

I'm recovering...
Because I feel like smoking again.

Say something..
no, I'm speechless.

then do you feel anything?
I think I do.

then say something.
I already did.

then say something.
I already did.

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  • Anonymous Jinglin(ywp) says so:
    6/11/07 19:38  

    this sketch longan draw de??
    aiyo y this entry like so depressed n chim?cheer up k!!haha

    we wan the happy longan~ =) top

  • Anonymous charlene says so:
    6/11/07 20:26  

    Jinglin, It's just an expression of emotion lah...

    Kind of ironic isn't it? That we need to go through many down and depressing moments before we are able to under the emotions and then able to translate them into words, into pictures, into music.....

    Royston, we asked for BKK pictures? This one drawn on the flight back ah? :)

    *charlene top

  • Anonymous lailian (yuwu paradise) says so:
    6/11/07 21:35  

    hello royston,
    hope things are good with you, we want you to be happy because we care...:)
    keep smiling!!! top

  • Anonymous Anonymous says so:
    7/11/07 00:57  

    think royston never take picture in bangkok because he was very ill in hotel. I heard. top

  • Anonymous Anonymous says so:
    7/11/07 02:37  

    even, ha?
    woa this place so noisy, i don't get it...
    no escaping gravity, not on a plane, never on paper - so sad. top

  • Anonymous jinglin(ywp) says so:
    8/11/07 03:32  

    omg longan u still nt feelin well??faster go n see doctor!!!!rest more..drink the pi pa gao charlene buy for u de!haha

    must get well asap!!so can shout "huat aR" loudly!!! =) top

  • Blogger mo says so:
    8/11/07 04:04  

    need doctor help? get well soon, r!
    & you everybody, pls take good care of him! top

  • Anonymous Anonymous says so:
    8/11/07 10:20  

    rest well, recover soon...waiting to c the cheerful roy again...ur sketeh seems sad...go n look at happy stuff n u will feel better...jia you!

    Ting top

  • Anonymous charlene says so:
    8/11/07 14:28  

    Dear Royston...

    Must be all the flying around from cities to cities which has taken a toil on your health. But sick may not exactly be a bad thing... Superman like u haven't rested since u started the entire 881 craze. Maybe it's a good time to fully rest your tired body. All those sleepless nights, all those crazy promos, media appearances....


    So rest lah.. Get back all the sleep that you have been missing out on.

    *charlene top

  • Anonymous Anonymous says so:
    8/11/07 15:07  

    Royston Wish You Get Well Soon

    ^00^ Rest More

    *(HuiHui)* top

  • Blogger WiseKwai says so:
    8/11/07 19:46  

    Hi Royston,

    It was great meeting you in Bangkok. I hope you're feeling better.

    Techno cat! top

  • Anonymous lailian (yuwu paradise) says so:
    8/11/07 21:55  

    royston, hope u get well soon.
    must eat and rest well ok?
    do take care!!! top

  • Anonymous Eileen (Yuwu Paradise) says so:
    8/11/07 22:21  

    hey! please rest well!
    visit the doctor if you have to!
    TAKE CARE! top

  • Anonymous Anonymous says so:
    8/11/07 22:38  

    royston, pls rest well. you're the best!!! top

  • Anonymous 牛油鸡 says so:
    9/11/07 12:46  

    Hi,多保重身体. top

  • Anonymous Eileen (Yuwu Paradise) says so:
    9/11/07 14:51  

    voting on the best magazine cover:
    U10 is a cover of Yuwu & the papaya sisters. so vote for them! top

  • Anonymous Anonymous says so:
    11/11/07 17:32  

    i know is hard not to smoke...but since u re still on medication, try not to smoke so much bah...health is more impt now, recover faster n u can do wat u wan again... :) jia you !

    Ting top

  • Anonymous charlene says so:
    11/11/07 19:51  

    Royston... You ah! What kind of motivation is that?!? Hahaha!

    By the way, 881 had turned many in judges! You were the star search judge, Eric was the judge for Channel 5 Live the Dream contest, and Papaya sisters were costume judges for PSC Nite! Way to go!!!

    *charlene top

  • Anonymous Xin says so:
    11/11/07 22:53  

    eh.. since you cant smoke when you are sick.. might as well quit smoking! haha. try to take gd care of yourself. =) top

  • Anonymous Anonymous says so:
    11/11/07 23:35  

    Smoking Bad For Health.. Quit Smoking Now. Dun Smoke Anymore ^_^

    Take Good Care For UrSelf ~_~

    *(HuiHui)* top

  • Anonymous Anonymous says so:
    12/11/07 00:55  

    May Know When Are The 881 VCD/DVD Out? My Friend Asking Me About This For Many Time. ^_^

    *(HuiHui)* top

  • Anonymous charlene says so:
    12/11/07 07:01  

    everyone has the kind intention to get Royston to quit smoking. Hahah! But I would suppose it's like asking him not to eat and drink. :) Not that I'm advocating for Royston to smoke, but 那么久了,想戒早就戒了。 top

  • Anonymous starstar says so:
    12/11/07 12:12  

    hey royston, try to smoke lesser then.think u will know how to take care of urself! :p top

  • Anonymous charlene says so:
    12/11/07 23:37  


    And did you lose MORE weight from this crazy sickness? Your head left your skull already leh... Oh my...

    *charlene top

  • Anonymous Anonymous says so:
    13/11/07 00:33  

    Hi Charlene, thanks for your kind words and reading the article on 白浪, it was written when i was having high fever and somehow it accelerated my recovery:)

    I'm eating now to present a healthy longan:)

    Am already preparing for a new article in wanbao next monday, stay tune:)

    longan top

  • Anonymous jy says so:
    13/11/07 08:26  

    here's the link, royston's article:

    http://blog.omy.sg/royston/archives/category/uncategorized top

  • Anonymous sufyan says so:
    13/11/07 16:51  

    Hey man... Get well soon and we can prata again... top

  • Anonymous charlene says so:
    13/11/07 23:26  

    Bodyguard, not sure if it's my comp but some of the photos cannot be seen on the photo slide... Would u like to double check? thanks! :) top

  • Anonymous jinglin(ywp) says so:
    13/11/07 23:28  

    glad to noe tt u r recoverin!!eat more leh!!we brin longan fruit basket go visit u next time..haha

    n ur wan bao articles very inspiring!!keep up the gd work!! =) cya mr longan aka "电影王子".....haha top

  • Anonymous Anonymous says so:
    14/11/07 20:21  

    many mindee fans here! :) top

  • Anonymous Anonymous says so:
    14/11/07 23:01  

    JUICE mag, so cool!!! where to get it? heard from my frene the dec issue is already out...so does it mean tat we can no longer get hold of the nov issue? top

  • Anonymous ael says so:
    15/11/07 02:41  

    enchanting basement. flickering shifts, security of the loved and the sexed. there are no buttons, just conversations. top

  • Anonymous Anonymous says so:
    15/11/07 02:50  

    我是知道陈子谦在晚报有blog,所以每次都在等待Monday 的到来。子谦 的风格很温心。

    你是我们的国产的电影坏小孩, 也是我们心中的电影王子。


    小文 top

  • Anonymous Aileen says so:
    24/11/07 22:41  

    Get well, Royston! Refrain from being sad! top