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Director & Film-Maker.
Location: Central, Singapore.
Birthdate: October 5th.

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Repeat and Rewind

Special Thanks to Lunar!

Special thanks to the bad sound system!
Special thanks to the disorganised venue!
Special thanks to whoever who delayed the show!
Special thanks to all you wankers who made us unable to give
our best in our last show!

Of course I'm pissed , totally pissed, if not fucking pissed.
I applauded Eric Ng for throwing the mic on the floor.

Its through all these fucked ups that made the entire 881 team realised how much support and understanding we are getting from (you) the audiences.

Now that is really special. Thank you.

- Royston

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  • Anonymous charlene says so:
    31/10/07 11:43  

    Thanks to royston for bringing all the brilliant people together under the umbrella of 881.

    Thanks for the great performance at lunar despite the challenges. We enjoyed ourselves tremendously. The atmosphere was very high and the audience was very warm.

    All the performers were not professional singers but put up a great show!

    Thanks Royston. Looking forward to your next work... top

  • Blogger FM says so:
    31/10/07 14:00  

    Eh!!! HAHAAHHH!!!

    This is Mr HYR, Mr that day shout until face red one...

    Eh Royston...Can U be more frank and less politically correct or not? Try leehhh...

    Not Honest enuf leehh..HAHHAHAH!!!

    Champion lah! And I really enjoyed that video hahhaha...

    But anyway for me, it's Forgive and Forget, that's how I feel laahh...

    But for them it's Forgive and Reflect...(hoping we forgive, and for them to reflect)

    End of the day, we do like the place maahhh...I had my virgin puke there with U maahh... top

  • Anonymous corliss says so:
    31/10/07 15:13  

    hahaha...wow...Royston, u r e man! top

  • Anonymous charlene says so:
    31/10/07 18:24  

    Haha! Mr HYR, like u said mah, the rest of them had an image to keep while you are free to drink Ribena on stage, yell your head off, drop mike, call for repeat and rewind and all the random curse on stage... hahah!!

    Kudos to this 2 fantastic directors! :D top

  • Anonymous JiNgLin (ywp) says so:
    31/10/07 22:15  

    Dear mr longan,

    are you feelin better now?that day saw u at lunar u looked quite pale..but u are still as friendly n nice!!n smile for all the pics. =)

    Great performance wif the casts!as for the duet u sing wif mr qi,the startin part is what song huh?nv heard b4..yeah the club service n sound system cmi!! =p st james better n more high!!

    when u gg bangkok??can we send flight??heehee tk care coz we care!!hahaha 881 huat arh!!!! top

  • Anonymous Anonymous says so:
    31/10/07 22:59  

    WOW!! Haha.. This Video At Lunar Is Me Record Wan OMG @_@

    youtube:Friendly83 (HuiHui) top

  • Anonymous sufyan says so:
    1/11/07 16:43  

    Hey man,

    It was a great performance none the less. And i'm totally bittered that I wasn't involved in 881 due to my liability with the nation. I really hope I could be involved in your future projects. Take care and all the best!!! top

  • Anonymous Anonymous says so:
    1/11/07 19:15  

    hahha I already in bangkok:) Hahhah I think I super frank liao, I screwed the manager upside down , till face green:) hehhehehheeh well its all over like wat HYR said its for them to reflect on this issue, we do our best with out "tao sa" voice, Ya was not feeling well after I rushed back from Shanghai, its the busy travelling and i'm sleeping like crazy non stop after the medication in my hotel:)

    off for 881 screening in BAngkok World film festival, wish me luck!!!

    longan top

  • Anonymous Anonymous says so:
    1/11/07 19:17  

    and special thanks to Hui hui for the video:)

    longan top

  • Blogger charlene says so:
    1/11/07 22:12  

    Wahh... Mr Tan... Never tell us you going BKK at Lunar that day. Or else we'll give u a good sending off! So u can bring our spirit and huat all the way to BKK!

    And pls rest well. Thanks for the performance at Lunar despite the bug that is tormenting your body. Hope you are on your way to recovery... top

  • Anonymous Anonymous says so:
    1/11/07 22:44  

    Haha. ^_^ Nope Prob

    youtube:Friendly1983(HuiHui) top

  • Anonymous JiNgLiN (ywp) says so:
    1/11/07 23:20  

    omg so fast in bangkok liao??wow like superman!!haha den disclose when u back la??tsktsk if nt we guard at airport liao hor!!haha

    gt sometink to pass u so u must tell us flight!!! =p

    all the best for the screenin!!!gt brin the rabbit costume over?drink more water... =) top

  • Anonymous Anonymous says so:
    1/11/07 23:46  

    wish u all the best in the film festival...Lunar nite is damn happening...looking forward to more events...rest well, recover soon...

    Ting top

  • Anonymous ms shy says so:
    2/11/07 16:04  

    you guys rocks nonetheless!

    keep up e good work!

    looking forward to more great productions! :) top

  • Anonymous Anonymous says so:
    2/11/07 20:17  

    juz bought 881 vol 2 soundtrack, really luv it, tho i haf the vol 1 =/ all the best! cheers royston top

  • Anonymous Aileen says so:
    3/11/07 21:06  

    Jia you ROYSTON! =D top

  • Anonymous charlene says so:
    4/11/07 18:59  


    Glad to see that you are on the road to recovery. :) Drink more pi pa gao!! Hahah!

    And bodyguard, you power lah! Update the flight details at the final minute.. Haha! But thanks for the update! top

  • Anonymous Ying Tian (YWP) says so:
    4/11/07 20:46  


    Welcome back to Singapore! Glad you are recovering heh, take care of your voice so you can sing more songs with Yuwu in the future!

    Paradise loves both longans and you! :) top

  • Anonymous Anonymous says so:
    4/11/07 22:25  

    Guys Thanks for welcoming me in the airport with a can of special longan and self made poster!! Ha I was in shock:)

    I shall rest my voice and drink tons of water:)

    longan top

  • Anonymous Jinglin (ywp) says so:
    5/11/07 20:04  

    yoz longan,

    haha we will give you more surprises~! *winkz*
    so dun be too shock when you heard gt ppl shoutin "longan" loudly next time =p

    hope you find back ur ck suit!!!hey today xin ming gt u!! =)

    bodyguard thx for tellin the flight!!u rock like 881 movie!!haha

    orh btw the votin poll hor,yuwu name is spell wrongly!!hahahaha top

  • Anonymous charlene says so:
    5/11/07 22:57  

    hahah! bodyguard, u set up poll, yuwu sure win one wad!!! Hahhaah!

    Royston, rest well! Recover first then can produce better works! Must update us on your next work ok? So that we can be prepared as well...

    Any pictures from BKK?

    *charlene top