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about Royston Tan

Director & Film-Maker.
Location: Central, Singapore.
Birthdate: October 5th.

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a tribute to SIFF

3 Generations of Filmmakers

A tribute video featuring Singaporean directors who began their filmmaking careers with the Singapore International Film Festival in the last two decades.

Featuring three generations of Singaporean filmmaker like Eric Khoo, Jack Neo, Royston Tan, Wee Li Lin, K Rajagopal, Meng Ong, Jasmine Ng, Sun Koh, Han Yew Kwang, Victric Thng
and Boo Junfeng.

Directed by Royston Tan.

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  • Blogger mo says so:
    27/2/08 03:10  

    this is the greatest effort and it really compells me to commenting.
    the story itself is part of SG becoming a nation which at the end of the day can never be anything other than personal. so this is history and, hopefully, also a future unending. i truly hope so and wish for the SIFF to continue in the very spirit captured here. when you watch this, you simply cannot doubt how an investment, any investment in the hearts and minds and the imagination of people, is essentially a human right. and it must not be let to die.
    may many good folks carry this on and be inspired and enjoy.
    since this is a festival, there is one simple thing everybody can do to honour it - and that is by attending, obviously.
    i will, coming over from Germany especially, and i already know that it will be worth it! top

  • Blogger “达人” says so:
    16/3/08 18:18  

    Royston...good one...actually i met Rajagopal and Jun Feng during media Launch of Digital homelands Singapore(because I am one of the comissioned directors for the film)
    Jun Feng made Bedok Jetty,Rajagopal made
    I guess u may find the short film(time capsule) at www.digitalhomelands.sg

    It's made by me and hope u will give me some comments... top