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about Royston Tan

Director & Film-Maker.
Location: Central, Singapore.
Birthdate: October 5th.

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ST Power List

Royston Tan's 881 tops ST Life! entertainment list in the second of The Straits Times Life! Power Lists, the team behind the success of the 881 movie tops the list dedicated to entertainment.

Director Royston Tan shows that he can cross over successfully to mainstream fare and, more importantly, document a facet of Singaporeana - getais - with 881.

Coupled with the music of Eric Ng and stellar performances from the acting cast, the film went to gross $3.5 million at the box office.

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  • Anonymous Hui Hui says so:
    30/12/07 01:43  

    Hey!! Royston Wishing U Have A Blessed New Year In 2008 ^_^ top

  • Anonymous jinglin (ywp) says so:
    4/1/08 00:38  

    yoz longan,

    how ur 2008 so far??haha ...aniway have u receive the card we send u????update blog k?? =) top

  • Anonymous langon says so:
    5/1/08 18:13  

    Hi jinglin, bodyguard is missing, I dunno how to uddate he blog without the password...:( top

  • Anonymous longan says so:
    5/1/08 18:15  

    in the meantime you can go to


    I have a blog there , its updated everymonday. top

  • Anonymous Eileen (YWP) says so:
    6/1/08 00:02  

    haha! so funny! bodyguard is missing!
    hope he come back soon to help you update this blog! take care! =) top

  • Anonymous charlene says so:
    6/1/08 00:48  

    Royston, u are darn happening lah. Go on radio never tell us, then only managed to catch the last 30mins. :( Always in action and give us unexpected surprises.

    And if you don't mind, let us know when u leaving for Rotterdam. We would love to be there!!! Give you feathers so you can huat all the way from Spore to Rotterdam. top

  • Anonymous charlene says so:
    6/1/08 00:51  

    I think the add not quite right leh. Should be:


    :) :) :)

    Can't wait to hear from u! top

  • Anonymous jinglin (paradise) says so:
    6/1/08 01:00  

    hello longan

    wow ur new short film gt 2!!!y not 7??haha

    aniway i got read your chinese blog too!!!sumore the picture post there all so nicely taken!!

    we went to send flight leh....... =) so tell us k?

    bodyguard faster come back!!we wan to read longan's entry.. top

  • Anonymous longan says so:
    6/1/08 05:47  

    okok , I'm so touched by your response, don't worry once my flight schedule is out , I will inform you, in the meantime, we pray that bodyguard will be back soon:)

    Thanks also for your lovely support on radio, its wonderful. top

  • Anonymous jinglin (paradise) says so:
    6/1/08 13:17  

    You are WONDERFUL too!!!

    cya and ur entry soon i guess =)) top

  • Anonymous charlene says so:
    6/1/08 14:16  

    It's ok la, you can tag in the comments. So we know what you have been up to recently! What's your new film company going to be called?

    And we missed the interview in front, is SARS a short film or a long feature? And the number 2 title, short or long? :) :) top

  • Anonymous charlene says so:
    6/1/08 16:20  

    881 has really been a breakthrough. Not just for you but many of the talented people who were not being appreciated and recognised previously. Even Mediacorp has come to embrace the number thing which has become your trademark.

    Check out the channel 8 Chinese new year song, featuring Mindee, Qi Yuwu and 600:

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RZsvbSZmzCw top

  • Anonymous Anonymous says so:
    6/1/08 16:22  

    Looks like 881 can huat all the way from Hungry Ghost Festival to Chinese New Year. Two very different chinese festivals, yet 881 is able to be part of both... HUAT! top

  • Anonymous Ying Tian (YWP) says so:
    7/1/08 16:38  

    hey royston,

    nice to know you are doing well now la and you are so funny in your comments hahaha.

    anyway, do post any news or events here if u have any.. since ur BG has gone mia.. probably he went for a holiday or on MC! :D

    paradise and yuwu love you! :)

    do take care of your health and cherish everyone around u! top

  • Anonymous charlene says so:
    8/1/08 03:31  

    congrats on being chosen on being on the prestigious Jury of the VPRO Tiger Awards Competition. How does it feel to be the other side of the bench? To look through the works of budding directors? top

  • Anonymous Anonymous says so:
    9/1/08 14:01  

    Hug royston top

  • Anonymous jinglin(ywp) says so:
    9/1/08 23:06  

    Longan u ROCK like papaya!!!

    haha wow your new short film gt yuwu again!!

    i wan go c filmin .....heehee top

  • Blogger royston says so:
    10/1/08 03:45  

    found bodyguard!!!!!!! updating tomorrow:) top

  • Blogger ATime2Love says so:
    12/1/08 00:06  

    Hi.. Is there a way to get a copy of the film, 'SIN SAI HONG'? After catching it at the museum, been looking to watch it again, but not too sure where it might be possible.. top

  • Anonymous Anonymous says so:
    12/1/08 05:21  

    Hi guys wanbao is presenting the e-award for best film, if you like 881, we need your support:) You can go to this site to cast your vote. Huat ah:)

    http://forum.omy.sg/showthread.php?t=1642 top

  • Anonymous Anonymous says so:
    16/1/08 00:15  

    sorry this is the actual address

    http://contest.omy.sg/contest/award/ top

  • Anonymous jinglin(paradise) says so:
    16/1/08 22:11  

    hey longan,

    why u nv consider tt toilet u do photo shoot for flesh imp de?? =p top