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about Royston Tan

Director & Film-Maker.
Location: Central, Singapore.
Birthdate: October 5th.

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1028 on the News



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  • Blogger mo says so:
    4/5/08 19:13  

    so it's on the news and soon enough will become an STI blue chip...
    ...and i wasn't there :(
    but what about here? we got 10twentyeight (like on the webby), we got 1028 and ten28 ?!?
    is there a method to this madness?
    pls qualify!

    best wishes from deutschland :) top

  • Blogger wishfornothing says so:
    10/5/08 16:18  

    Hello there.
    This is quite unrelated to your actual post, but if you could read it that would be great.
    I'm a 17 year old who is very interested in film-making and even though I haven't actually watched any of your movies, I've read about you quite abit and I admire you alot as a person. I don't think it's appropriate to write an essay about my actual enquiries, so if you have time, please send me an email at soulshrike@hotmail.com , I'd really appreciate it if we could talk because I'm very interested in filmmaking but there are many things that I want to know about it before I make any huge decision.
    Thank you. top

  • Anonymous Anonymous says so:
    14/5/08 00:38  

    royston , i really really hope you can create young stars in movie , just like japan and hk flims. top

  • Anonymous Anonymous says so:
    20/5/08 15:37  

    Hi royston

    My name is Y.C. and I'm a mass communication student from Ngee Ann Polytechnic and we're currently involved in a module called TV studio Production. For our assignment, we are to produce a 15 minute interview programme. Thus, we would like to invite you to be one of our guest on the show. We will be inviting another director to the show to discuss about several issues pertaining to Singapore's film industry. My team feels that you will be able to give us deeper insights to the understanding of Singapore's film industry. We hope you could take some time off and accept our interview. The interview programme will be conducted on 4 June 2008 and we will only need one hour of your time. Also, we will gladly accommodate to your timing should you need the interview to be conducted at a particular time of the day. You may contact me at poohyme@hotmail.com for any inquires. My groupmates and I are looking forward to your acceptance to our invitation. Thank you very much and God bless. top