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Director & Film-Maker.
Location: Central, Singapore.
Birthdate: October 5th.

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Repeat and Rewind Wednesday, October 31 |

Special Thanks to Lunar!

Special thanks to the bad sound system!
Special thanks to the disorganised venue!
Special thanks to whoever who delayed the show!
Special thanks to all you wankers who made us unable to give
our best in our last show!

Of course I'm pissed , totally pissed, if not fucking pissed.
I applauded Eric Ng for throwing the mic on the floor.

Its through all these fucked ups that made the entire 881 team realised how much support and understanding we are getting from (you) the audiences.

Now that is really special. Thank you.

- Royston

Golden Horse Nominee Sunday, October 28 |


It's been confirmed. 

Royston Tan's record-breaking musical feature '881' has been nominated under the 
Golden Horse Awards Competition for Best Make Up & Costume Design (Dollei Seah & Moe Kasim) in the upcoming Taipei Golden Horse Film Festival.

The 2007 festival will be held in Taipei, Taiwan from 23rd November to 6th December whilst the 44th Golden Horse Awards Ceremony will take place on the 25th of November.


Words & Films Tuesday, October 23 |

see full size image

I'd always love going to universities.
Its a part of my journey which I never get to experience.
Words can be more powerful than films, it keeps the filmmaker going.
Thank you NUS for such a wonderful evening.
Royston Tan.

Getai - Pusan (via Singapore) Friday, October 5 |



Raining Getai

Singing Getai in the rain with thousands of fans with umbrellas!!
I told you, when 881 cast appears, it always rains.
Na bei dunno why always like that..


Ling ling: Who never wash underwear today again...?
*we kept silent and all broke into laughers

Royston: Ok you have a choice to sing or not to sing,
in the heavy rain.

Cast: (together) Sing of course!
Even if our costume is damaged!!!


That is the professional spirit of everyone, not afraid to die attitude. No choice, the cast is made up of mostly Ah lians, Lao lians & an Ah beng. Even non-beng Yu Wu also sporting.
881 cast sang for thousands of audiences waiting for our last performance. When Lingling appeared in her ultra fire-cracker dress, everyone like saw Cindy Crawford like that.
All went mad! Huat ah...


With this, we end our Pusan trip.
We will miss you Pusan.
- Royston Tan

Birthday Surprise



The Screening

881 screeening was a blast, the Korean audience were screaming when the cast arrived with costumes. We greeted the audience with an interesting intro.

Royston : There is a reason why we all have feathers in our costume. You will know when you see the film.

Yu Wu
: There is a reason why I have no feathers at all on my clothes, because of the film.

: I have a lot of feathers today because I give feathers in the film. Who wants, I give you? (Audience screamed)

: Because Ling ling gives me feathers, I cannot kiss YuWu.

: Lucky I've got no feathers. (Audience cheered)

We wanted to give them a greater surprise, we rushed back to hotel and changed to another outfit to surprise them. After the screening , they surprised me with two birthday cakes, one from the festival and one from the audience. it was like a riot, I'll let the pictures tell the story. Thank you Pusan.
See you tomorrow Nampo Dong for our Getaishow/meet the audience sesssion!

Red Carpet


So this is the big day, 881 cast came with full ammunition to grace the red carpet!! But kena rain when we arrived. No choice Korean audience don't know what is Getai, so we bring Getai to them. They don't know us but still screamed, so huat ah to all of you.

A journalist mentioned in the KBS Live news that we were the most eye catching entourage on the red carpet. Festival director Kim Dong Ho and Programmer Kim Ji Seok greeted us with anticipation. Its been two years since I saw Mr. Kim Ji Seok, the man who discovered my work and encourages me from time to time, gave me a big hug and whispers to my ear, I'm so proud of you and I think you guys will be stealing the show tonight.

Here are some comments from the cast:

Lingling: I never walked a red carpet so long before, this outfit is specially for the festival, its such a thrill, its definitely the highlight of my life. I still have 10 different costumes on standby! heee hee.

Karen: I'm just so honoured and excited. I'm just a supporting cast, I did not expect the red carpet to be so long!


Mindee: To hear the 5000 audiences screaming for me,
I feel like a celebrity. I'm still lingering in excitement!!


Yu Wu: I feel very proud of myself and the film 881 because this is my first time coming to PIFF, I felt intoxicated with excitement and also because 881 is elevating to the international stage with warm reception.


Royston: Die!!!!! When my new expensive suit was damaged due to the rain, I don't know how to tell the sponsors but its ok, I'm comforted to see the cast of 881 gracing the red carpet with professionalism despite the heavy rain. Huat ah!


It always rains whenever 881 appears,
I wonder why?

Getai to Pusan
Yes we are surviving...

yes we are trying to survive..

Yes we are trying very hard to survive.

We took a plane from Sin to Seoul then to Pusan and from Pusan
an hour journey to our hotel.... As I'm typing now, we got 2 hour
for  the red carpet event, Korea got no Getai , we bring Getai to
them, tomorrow exclusive pics of us in full costume for red carpet.