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OST Press Conference | SM's Comments | Gala Photos Sunday, August 26 |

881 OST Press Conference, Dragonfly.

Video Clips.

*clips courtesy of cookiss

Senior Minister Goh Chok Tong's comments on 881.

Did you enjoy the film 881?

Ans: Yes. very much. The musical has all the elements of a Broadway hit. It is humorous, entertaining, poignant, with good singing and lots of action. The rejection of Big Papaya by her mother over her desire to be a getai singer and Little Papaya's struggle with cancer, pain and death will cause many to shed a silent tear. My four-year old grand-daughter cried when Qi Yuwu traded his pet rooster to raise money for the last performance in Little Papaya's life. There is even a whiff of romance. Some of my friends have gone to see the show upon my encouragement. They enjoyed it.

Does 881 capture a heritage of Singapore?

Ans: Getai has become part of the Lunar Seventh Month rituals and festivities. There will always be a segment of our population who believe in what I call the traditional religions. They observe the rituals of the Hungry Ghosts month. Getai adds to the colour and diversity of Singapore, and seems to have taken the place of Teochew wayang. The latter has difficulties in recruiting performers and may disappear from our local cultural scene. It will be good if getai can help to preserve Singapore's street-level cultural heritage and not go down memory lane one day.

881 Gala Premiere, Gv Vivocity.


Red Carpet


Press Conference | Roadshows | Mindee's Injury | Updates Thursday, August 2 |

Press Conference:
The press conference for 881, which was held at the Singapore History Museum, saw a huge turnout from the media. All in attendance were treated to a 'getai' themed press conference, with performances from Mindee, Yannyann, Lingling, May and Choy. Entertaining all with their respective song & dance routines, Funkie Monkies' duo, Ngak & Jiahui also gave a performance of their own, to a very receptive audience. A surprised item was unveiled when the director himself, Royston Tan did a number from his film, accompanied by Qi Yuwu.

Immediately after the press conference, the 881 roadshow was kicked off as Royston & the full casts travelled to the event locations in style. An 881 themed pick-up van ferried them from the museum to the various locations, as the casts, equipped with loudhailers & extravagant costumes, stood at the back of the pick up van promoting their movie along orchard road. The team then set off to the event locations at The Heeren & Plaza Singapura's the Atrium where meet the cast sessions was held with performances and contests.

Mindee's Injury 01.08.07.
Actress Mindee Ong suffered eye and back injuries when two assailants on a motorbike pelted eggs at Royston & the casts during their travel to the 881 roadshow at The Atrium, Plaza Singapura. The director & casts were traveling on the 881 pick-up van from The Heeren as the two men slowed down beside the 881 van before launching a vile attack on the casts. On the motorbike that had its number plate covered (white tape), the two lowly men were chased by a crew car before losing their marker about 1 km away. The roadshow still went on as planned with a very determined Mindee bent on not allowing the incident to affect her morale. Fortunately for Royston, he managed to escape with a minor bruise but it wasn't so for Mindee. The egg shell got into her left eye, which later had to be bandaged. Also, Mindee subsequently developed an eye infection the very next day.
*Note: We do know who is responsible for this despicable act. 


Other Updates:
*due to the ongoing poster contest, other news will be released on a later date.