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about Royston Tan

Director & Film-Maker.
Location: Central, Singapore.
Birthdate: October 5th.

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someone to Watch.

47th International Thessaloniki Film Festival

Under the section of Independence Days which is dedicated to new and emerging talents from all over the world, this year the 46th International Thessaloniki Film Festival in Greece organised a tribute to Royston Tan's full body of work. The tribute is under the the permanent spotlight Someone to Watch , hosted by the Independence Days section, dedicated to new directors and uprising talents .

The greek correspondent had a casual chat to Festival programmer Leftaris Adamidis

•How do you get to know Royston Tan?

It was crazy, I first met him at the brief encounter film festival in bristol. He was in a rabbit costume and I thought he is a very interesting guy. Rarely you see directors in animal costume! (laughs)

•Is that why Royston Tan was chosen to be featured in the 47th International Thessaloniki Film Festival ?

More so because he is crazy! Just kidding. We are constantly on the lookout for young promising talents, & Royston Tan incoporates so many styles in every of his films, its something uncommon coming from singapore. For "15", its cutting edge and fast paced, "4:30" extremely quiet and mediatative and "Cut", I die laughing!!!!!!! .

•How do you think the audience will react to his films since its all so different?

Our team are anxious as the films were all so different and its important to present all his films, we want to let the audience decide.

•And Yes all his films are in numbers....
Yes! that was a bit of drama, i had a big fight with my graphic designer as when you put' 15' and "4:30" in a programme schedule, its looked really confusing with all these numbers when its put together with all the other films, the graphic team insisted spelling out the number, I said no as i knew how significant it was to use numeric in Royston's film. So that was a crazy episode.

•Describe Royston in one word?

Serious. (Suddenly everyone in the whole room started laughing)

•Any last words?
I am totally regretful for not requesting him to bring his rabbit costume, its is known that whenever "CUT" is shown in any countries, a specially designed rabbit costume for the country its showing, like the one he wore in russia, mexico and japan. I'm anxious too see how a greek rabbit will look like... Sigh... I take full responsiblity for not requesting it!!!

•Seriously any finally last words?
Why didn't I ask him to bring the rabbit costume!

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