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about Royston Tan

Director & Film-Maker.
Location: Central, Singapore.
Birthdate: October 5th.

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"4:30" Trailer. Sunday, June 25 |

Royston Tan's New Feature "4:30"
Opens In Cinemas Today. June 29th.
Shaw Theatres & GV Plaza!

"4:30 is quiet and reflective. A big hit at the recent Singapore Film Festival, it has served to cement Tan's position as a leading young director with an acute ability to observe the world and translate those observations into captivating cinema. - CNN "

Watch The Trailer Here.

Catch The Trailer Here.
Tell Your Friends About It.
Organise A Movie Outing With Your Millions of Friends.
Watch "4:30".

For more on "4:30" & national hero, Royston Tan:
go to previous posts.

"4:30" In Cinemas June 29th. |

Royston Tan's Latest Movie "4:30"
Opens In Cinemas June 29th.
Shaw Theatres.

"With an intelligent mixture of gorgeous art direction and complex psychological perspectives, Royston Tan has probably created the most mature and accomplished Singapore feature production to date. ..with his latest bow, you owe it to yourselves to witness more from arguably Singapore's most talented auteur."
- Justin Deimen of moviexclusive.

"4:30" - Xiaowu Poster.

"4:30" - Jung Poster.

Singapore's most promising young filmmaker & Singapore's latest filmmaking icon, Royston Tan promises yet another unforgettable film in only his 2nd feature film, "4:30". If its 1 movie you have to catch, this must be it.

Its a must watch from the maker of the highly acclaimed "15".

Spread the news. Catch "4:30". You'll be blown away.
Bring tissues. You might tear.

Royston Tan. (in brief):
Over 50 international & local awards for docu, short & feature films.
Asean Director of the Year 2001.
Young Artist of the Year 2002 - Singapore National Arts Council.
Asia Most Promising Talents 2003 - Netpac Jury.
"TOP 20 ASIAN HEROES" - TIME Magazine.
*Royston Tan's willingness to push the creative envelope has made him a hero to the city's independent artist.

Royston Tan first feature film '15':
(selected achievements)
Winner of the Netpac Fipresci World Critic Award - 16th SIFF.
*broke festival's record for the fastest selling local film in its history.
First ever Singapore film invited - Venice Lion of the Future Award.
Winner of the Deauville Asian Film Festival - Special Jury Award.
Winner Buenos Aires VI Festival Internacional de Cine Independiente
- Best Director.

hall Of Famer. | "4:30" Gala. |

Raymond Weil Hall of Famer.
Royston Tan

Royston Tan Presented With The Exquisite Timepiece.

Gala Premiere Invite.

In conjunction with the release of Royston Tan's second feature film, 4:30, the Gala Premiere was held at Shaw House's Lido Cineplex on 22 June 2006.

Besides the Gala Premiere, another highlight of the evening was the presentation of an exquisite Raymond Weil Tango Chronograph Timepiece to Royston by Mr Tan Soo Khoon, Managing Director of Crystal Time Singapore, the sole distributor of Raymond Weil in Singapore.

To recognize Royston Tan's contribution & dedication to the local art scene, Raymond Weil, an avid supporter of Arts & Culture (especially of Music & Visual Arts) has inducted Royston Tan (Singapore) into the "Raymond Weil Hall Of Fame" by presenting a Raymond Weil Tango Sports Chronograph timepiece in a ceremony during a Cocktail Reception at 4:30's Gala Premiere on 22nd June 2006.

The exclusive timepiece was specially flown in for the ceremony and Royston will be the first in Singapore to own a Tango Sports Chronograph in Singapore, as the Tango Sports Chronograph is not in local retails stores yet.

Apart from Royston, some of the distinguished and talented celebrities who are in the Raymond Weil's Hall Of Fame includes: Charlize Theron, Janet Jackson and Il Divo.

*text courtesy of moviexclusive.com

Gala Premiere - "4:30"
Photos Galore.

royston's Shorts DVD Trailer.
thank You Dinner.

"A gem of a collectible to be included in any DVD library."
- Stefan Shih, movieXclusive.com

View Royston's Shorts Trailer Here.

Priced at $24.95, Royston Shorts will be available for sale at the following retail outlets: HMV, Kinokuniya (Takashimaya), Gramophone, Sembawang Music Centre and other good music and book stores. Delivery is available through Asian Film Archive Shop.


Tiles include:
Jesses, Sons, Hock Hiap Leong, 24hrs, Mother, The Absentee, The Blind Trilogy: Blind / Old Parliament House / Capitol Cinema, Careless Whisperer, New York Girl, Monkeylove.

Bonus Features include
* 4A Florence Close (1998), a rarely seen personal film.
* Interview with Royston Tan, a 25 minute clip tracing his creative journey.
* Director's Notes.
* Gallery of film stills, behind the scenes stills, storyboards and scripts online.

Autographed Royston's Shorts Poster.
-Contact me to buy poster.

Thank You Dinner (hosted by Prof Kenneth Tan).
for Royston's Shorts DVD.

royston's Shorts Dvd Launch. |

A compilation of 13 Royston Tan's short films released in a dvd collection, 'Royston's Shorts' was launched recently at HMV & Kinokuniya.

Both launches were highly successful with sessions of entertaining director's interviews, short films showcases & extended autograph sessions.

Fans with multiple copies of the dvd were a common sight, with many requesting for multiple autographs on the dvds, posters and flyers. It did not stop there. Fans also requested for a song which Royston obliged, singing four verses from his short film, Careless Whisperer.

Dvd Launch Pictures:

Fans request for a song.

One of many of Royston's fanatics.

The rabbit, monkey & the babes.

Crowds of fans await in anticipation.

Autograph sessions went on & on.

Royston's mates lending support.

club21 Presents. |

Club21 Presents A Royston Tan Film.

In collaboration with Club21, D.I.Y is Royston Tan's most recent work for a short film. Shot last October, it features several big names including Allan Wu, Lum May Yee, Samantha Tan & Dj Koflow.

D.I.Y was launched hand-in-hand with the official opening of the Club21 iShop in Orchard Cineleisure where it was then continued to be screened continuously for several weeks.

D.I.Y Pictures

15 Theatrical Trailer. | Dvd Released. |

15 Theatrical Trailer
Watch It Here.

15 Dvd Released in the UK, US & Australia.
Go get it.

Royston Tan's first feature, 15, shown with 27 cuts here in Singapore is now available in major retail/online dvd stores in Australia, the United States & the United Kingdom.

Banned in Singapore as 'a threat to national security', Royston Tan's first feature shows five 15 year-old boys leading lives alienated from every social reference. Distanced from family and schools, they spend their days in complete apathy and in the search for the bizarre, their imaginations completely colonised by MTV, cartoons, electronic jingles and comics.

DVD Release Versions:

US Version

UK Version

Aust Version

Royston Tan Film Gallery. |

Feature Films




15: The Movie

Short Films

My Sars Lover

After The Rain

Sin Sai Hong.


New York Girl.

Careless Whisperer.


Hock Hiap Leong.




4A Florence Close.

The Absentee.


24 Hours.

Blind Trilogy.

15 Short.

Royston Tan (in brief):
Over 60 international & local awards for documentary, short & feature films.
Asean Director of the Year 2001.
Young Artist of the Year 2002 - Singapore National Arts Council.
Asia Most Promising Talents 2003 - Netpac Jury.
Top 20 Asian Heroes - TIME Magazine.

Royston Tan's Filmography & Awards/Achievements: go to previous post.