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about Royston Tan

Director & Film-Maker.
Location: Central, Singapore.
Birthdate: October 5th.

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"4:30" In Cinemas June 29th.

Royston Tan's Latest Movie "4:30"
Opens In Cinemas June 29th.
Shaw Theatres.

"With an intelligent mixture of gorgeous art direction and complex psychological perspectives, Royston Tan has probably created the most mature and accomplished Singapore feature production to date. ..with his latest bow, you owe it to yourselves to witness more from arguably Singapore's most talented auteur."
- Justin Deimen of moviexclusive.

"4:30" - Xiaowu Poster.

"4:30" - Jung Poster.

Singapore's most promising young filmmaker & Singapore's latest filmmaking icon, Royston Tan promises yet another unforgettable film in only his 2nd feature film, "4:30". If its 1 movie you have to catch, this must be it.

Its a must watch from the maker of the highly acclaimed "15".

Spread the news. Catch "4:30". You'll be blown away.
Bring tissues. You might tear.

Royston Tan. (in brief):
Over 50 international & local awards for docu, short & feature films.
Asean Director of the Year 2001.
Young Artist of the Year 2002 - Singapore National Arts Council.
Asia Most Promising Talents 2003 - Netpac Jury.
"TOP 20 ASIAN HEROES" - TIME Magazine.
*Royston Tan's willingness to push the creative envelope has made him a hero to the city's independent artist.

Royston Tan first feature film '15':
(selected achievements)
Winner of the Netpac Fipresci World Critic Award - 16th SIFF.
*broke festival's record for the fastest selling local film in its history.
First ever Singapore film invited - Venice Lion of the Future Award.
Winner of the Deauville Asian Film Festival - Special Jury Award.
Winner Buenos Aires VI Festival Internacional de Cine Independiente
- Best Director.

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