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about Royston Tan

Director & Film-Maker.
Location: Central, Singapore.
Birthdate: October 5th.

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  • Anonymous janice says so:
    11/9/08 23:10  

    whats wrong with royston? and how come he never come say anything on blog anymore. top

  • Anonymous c. says so:
    12/9/08 16:50  

    Nothing's wrong with Royston. He just needs some after all the mad rush!
    For more information on Royston, go check out his wanbao blog entry on: http://blog.omy.sg/royston top

  • Blogger “达人” says so:
    14/9/08 22:33  

    To Our "Longan" Royston
    Cheer Up...although the box office is not better than the crap "X-not enough" movie...But then still I look at the trailers...it's damn nice and I look forward to the DVD,so that i can enjoy solely...hahhaa

    Many Cheers 2 u!
    Darren top

  • Anonymous Huiling says so:
    16/9/08 19:07  

    Dear Royston
    I can see how much effortand how hard u work to give us a good film. I really appreciate it. Cheer up and Jia you.. Have a good rest and i look forward to ur 新作品。 top

  • Blogger unclephoenix says so:
    18/9/08 17:45  

    This comment has been removed by the author. top

  • Blogger unclephoenix says so:
    18/9/08 17:50  

    I was warded for an emergency operation early last week and ordered by doctor to rest for a week before I could resume "light activities". The first outdoor activity I made was to catch the noon screening of <12 Lotus> at GV Tiong Bahru today. That's suppport for Royston, all right!
    So glad I watched it in the cinema for it is indeed a movie made for viewing in cinemas, unlike some local movies that have not an ounce of cinematic feel to them, even if they are peppered with generous doses of pasar-rate CGI and saturated with disgusting product placement.
    Very impressed by Royston's creativity and resourcefulness. This movie is technically polished, stronger in narrative strength than "881", and certainly more circumspect.
    Every scene is beautifully crafted, though one still has to temporarily suspend one's belief to be able to enjoy the good-feel campiness and dazzling images.
    However, I kept having an uneasy feeling seeing that super-advanced heartbeat monitor behind Mindy Ong at the scene where Huang Yiliang was lying in bed. Is that machine appropriate for the year in which that scene is based? In fact, a friendly nurse had just explained to me the use of that machine during my brief stay at the hospital last week.
    That is just a minor point, not to worry.
    On the whole, I feel that Royston and his team have indeed produced an excellent film, a real cinematic film, that Singaporeans can justifiably be proud of. It is one which I could sit through comfortably, enjoying and not realising how time flies.
    Viva la, Royston! top

  • Anonymous Cakra says so:
    28/9/08 23:14  


    I just watched your film today in BKKIFF.
    It's very impressive.
    But where were you?
    I thought you would come to talk with us after the screening. T_T top

  • Blogger royston says so:
    1/10/08 04:21  

    arr me and my actress was stuck in traffic jam, by the time we arrived ....it was too late, i was disappointed. top

  • Blogger Aileen says so:
    5/10/08 22:25  


  • Anonymous charityconcert says so:
    7/10/08 09:29  

    十二份爱心, 十二份关怀, 仪演音乐会

    Concert Celebrating 12 Measures of Concern and Love

    As part of their community outreach activities, G Team Events and Vocal Training School and estage-I International have joined forces to raise funds to benefit the Elderly. A concert, featuring an impressive galaxy of local artistes and singers, hosted by the effervescent Liu Ling Ling and Hao Hao.

    1028 is proud to be part of this, and will be contributing a special segment , featuring the cast of 12 Lotus. We promise a programm that is different; we will be going out with a bang, and hope that you can join us in this farewell party of sorts.

    The proceeds of this effort will go to organizing 12 Lotus screenings for the elderly at Golden Village Cinemas. We are working with RCs and various grassroots, senior citizen activity groups for this purpose. One of the earliest beneficiaries of this is the Kreta Ayer Senior Citizens Activity corner.

    Please support us by purchasing the concert tickets. You will be brightening the day of our beloved old folks.

    Date: 11 October 2008, Saturday
    Time: 2.30 pm to 5.00 pm
    Venue: Kreta Ayer People’s Theatre.
    Ticket Prices: $18, $28, $48 and $68

    Enquiries/ Purchase of tickets: 12lotuscharity@gmail.com top

  • Anonymous Anonymous says so:
    25/10/08 22:49  

    Hey Royston, you bring local films to the international levels, you're creative in your filming and you dare to be different, so keep up the good work! I love musicals, they bring more emotions than just sit and watch with dialogues. I'm glad we can have our own local musical films.

    Well, I guess why 12 lotus is not as successful as 881 cos both movies have the same kind of theme, getai. Maybe many might think that its no longer fresh in the idea. But why people will watch and comments, cos we all expect Royston to be good. So keep up the good work, and continue to produce even better stuffs, no rushing to produce, no stress.

    All the best, I give my support! top