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Director & Film-Maker.
Location: Central, Singapore.
Birthdate: October 5th.

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On the Jury of Shanghai Film Festival

BEIJING -- Thesps Andie MacDowell and Komaki Kurihara, helmers Andrew Lau, Xavier Koller and Huang Jianxin and South Korean producer Oh Jung-wan will join Danny Boyle on the jury for the Golden Goblet Award, the organizing committee of the 12th Shanghai International Film Festival said.

The jury will judge 16 films from 16 territories competing for the Golden Goblet at the fest, which runs June 13-21.

Some 1,925 films will unspool at the event, which offers a platform for Chinese auds to see movies outside the 20 or so foreign pics normally permitted into China. Of these, more than 200 have not been released internationally and around a third are marking their international or Chinese debuts.

Competition pics are: "We Can Do That" by Giulio Manfredonia and "Schemes of Affection" by Dodo Fiori, both from Italy; Emmanuel Finkiel's "Nowhere Promised Land" and Andre Techine's "The Girl on the Train," both from France; "Aching Hearts" by Nils Malmros from Denmark; Swedish-Danish pic "Original" by Antonio Tublen and Alexander Brondsted; Germany-Cyprus-Greece co-production "Small Crime" by Christos Georgiou; "A Piece of Me" by Christoph Roehl from Germany; "Romance" by Guel Arraes from Brazil; "Rough Cut" by Jang Hun from Korea; "Splinters" by Maciej Pieprzyca from Poland; "Chameleon" by Krisztina Goda from Hungary; "Normal" by Julius Sevcik from the Czech Republic; "Soul Searching" by Wanma Caidan from China; "The Storm in My Heart" by Pal Jackman from Norway; and Yao Shuhua's mainland China-Hong Kong-Taiwan co-production "Empire of Silver."

Tang Lijun of the organizing committee said the jury for the Asian New Talent Award, a competition that aims to discover Asia's next generation of film talent, would be Chinese thesp Yu Nan, Chinese helmer Zhu Wen, Singaporean director Royston Tan; and Thai filmmaker Nonzee Nimibutr. South Korean filmmaker Im Kwon-taek will be the jury president.

Stephen Daldry, who directed "The Reader," has been invited to talk at the fest.

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  • Anonymous Anonymous says so:
    15/6/09 21:57  

    Hello Mr Royston,

    We are a group of year one students from Anderson Junior College who are currently carrying out a project on the conservation of Hokkien Dialect for our A Levels Cambridge Project Work Examination. The outline of the project work is for us to come out with a possible conservation area for the future and suggest strategies for the conservation aspect that we had chosen.

    Since we had chosen conservation of Hokkien Dialect, we would like to invite you for an interview with us for your opinions towards the Hokkien Dialect and of course your opinions for our strategies which involved Hokkien movie like 881.

    We really admired your efforts to direct a Hokkien movie and would greatly love to have chance to interview you for your opinions towards our project.

    This project is extremely important for us as it will affect our university admission next year. We will gladly accommodate to your timing should you need the interview to be conducted at a particular time of the day.

    You may contact me at isabellchewyan@hotmail.com or 93376858 for any inquires. We are looking forward to your acceptance to our invitation.

    Your help will be greatly appreciated. Thank you. God bless. top

  • Anonymous c. says so:
    21/6/09 00:05  

    How was the film festival! tell us! :) :) top