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Director & Film-Maker.
Location: Central, Singapore.
Birthdate: October 5th.

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22nd SIFF. Thursday, February 26 |

Press Conference

Singapore, 24 February 2009 – The 22nd edition of the Singapore International Film Festival will take place from 14 to 25 April 2009, screening close to 200 films from over 30 countries. The films were selected from 1,056 entries received by the Festival. This year, audiences can look forward to a wide selection of fresh, bold and award-winning films, as well as newly introduced open-air screenings and late night weekend screenings. The Festival will include two tributes honouring 25 Years of the Thai National Film Archive and the Amos Gitai Retrospective. Films shown from the stellar Israeli filmmaker, Amos Gitai, will include his latest One Day You’ll Understand (2008) and Disengagement (2007) which stars Juliette Binoche.

Silver Screen Awards

Singapore Film Awards

A new section, the Singapore Film Awards has been added to the Silver Screen Awards to spotlight the talents from our growing Singapore film industry. Singapore feature-length films (with a minimum of 60 minutes in duration) completed and screened in the previous calendar year are eligible for nomination in the awards categories of Best Film, Best Director, Best Screenplay, Best Performance and Best Cinematography.

12 Lotus is nominated under four categories and up for five awards including Best Film, Best Director (Royston Tan), Best Performance (Liu Ling Ling, Qi Yu wu) and Best Cinematography (Alan Yap).

Singapore Short Film Competition

"... I noticed a significant number of original works
which I find very refreshing"
                                                                     - Royston Tan

SIFF received over ninety submissions this year, and nine finalists were selected. The finalists will compete in the awards categories of Best Film, Best Director, Best Performance, Best Cinematography, and Special Mention. The Singapore Short Film Competition shortlist panel are Royston Tan (Filmmaker/ Director, 1028), Juan Foo (Executive Producer for Content Development, The Shooting Gallery Asia) and Kristin Saw (Management Executive, Singapore Film Commission).

In an exclusive interview with the bodyguard, Royston commented that he was "excited to see the new wave of talents". He added, "While varying in style, I noticed a significant number of original works which I find very refreshing". Asked if there were any films he saw that stood out? "There is but I really cannot say as it will affect the judging," Royston said.

To know more about the short films Royston judged and the 22nd Singapore International Film Festival, go to www.filmfest.org.sg.

*press release and information lifted from www.filmfest.org.sg

Royston to direct Broadway Beng 4 Wednesday, February 18 |

SINGAPORE: In an interview last year, Singapore’s favourite “bad-boy” film-maker Royston Tan told TODAY that 2009 was going to be a year of rest for him. Apparently, “rest” in this self-confessed Ah Beng’s vocabulary means “direct a stage musical”. 
And not just any musical, but one starring another famous beng — Broadway Beng, that is. 
“Selena (Tan, Dim Sum Dolly and founder of Dream Academy) called me up and asked if I was interested. She felt I could add freshness to the show,” the 881 and 12 Lotus director told TODAY at the Dream Academy press conference held at Clarke Quay on Friday. 
“I actually took two weeks to decide! But I’ve always been a big fan of Broadway Beng, so I knew I most likely would say yes,” he added, with a laugh. 
In his first stage-directing gig of his career (but not his first foray into theatre having played multi-media designer for Drama Box’s A Stranger at Home in 2006), the 32-year-old will mount the fourth instalment of Broadway Beng, titled Broadway Beng! Jiak Liu Lian!, at the Esplanade on December 3. 
*article extracted from TODAY By Genevieve Loh.