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about Royston Tan

Director & Film-Maker.
Location: Central, Singapore.
Birthdate: October 5th.

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the chicken strikes. Friday, January 30 |

A Story of the Chicken, the Pox & the Ox.

It was one day before I pack my luggage to Rotterdam.
I realised I had caught a bad flu.

I went to the doctor..

...and was diagnosed with the KNNBCCC Chicken Pox!!!!

Damn it. Before the Ox arrived, the Chicken
managed to pox me a day before.

*Apologies to Rotterdam International Film Festival+ Geneva Black Movie Festival.

Guten Tag Friday, January 16 |

Royston Tan in Berlin.

All that could be recorded in a futile attempt for an update by Royston Tan was "its -5 degrees celcius here!" repeatedly. Speculations  have arised over Royston's lack of response as it is believed the freezing temperature in Berlin has forced him to put on thick ear muffs which explains the above situation. However, a statement was forced out of insider rtbg, in which he was quoted saying, "I  have intelligence to prove Royston's lack of response is due to him being very busy learning how to build a snowman."

*pictures courtey of Indonesian Filmmaker, Riri Riza.

NYP Talk Tuesday, January 6 |

Film Appreciation Clinic
Students of Media Studies & Management.
Nanyang Polytechnic.

150 students from the media studies and management diploma course were in attendance as Royston Tan delivered his first school talk of the new year. In a cosy lecture hall setting, Royston Tan showcased two of his short films, After The Rain and D.I.Y, both being commissioned projects. Royston said, "I thought that it was a different session today in that I talked more about the flip side of film making." The students experienced first hand insights to various aspects of filmmaking and answers to a wide array of queries, which included never before made known pieces of information. In reference, he added that "the personal sacrifices and the difficulties" were not topics that he talked about in depth during previous showcases.

12Lotus Dvd Out. |

12Lotus Dvd & Vcd
Out in Stores Islandwide.

Royston Tan's 2008 feature, 12Lotus which amassed SGD1million in its run at the Singapore box office is now available islandwide on Dvd & Vcd format. Starring Liu Ling Ling, Qi Yu Wu and Mindee Ong, 12Lotus also introduces young stars Li Bao En and Damus Lim alongside veteran Huang Yi Liang. A tale of love and betrayal, on fame and fortune, 12Lotus is not to be missed. Missed it on the cinemas? Get the Dvd.
Haven't yet bought a Dvd player? Get the Vcd!

12Lotus Digital Video Disc.

12 Lotus Video Compact Disc.