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about Royston Tan

Director & Film-Maker.
Location: Central, Singapore.
Birthdate: October 5th.

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Stefanie Sun in 12Lotus? Saturday, July 26 |


Singapore, 23 July 2008 – Local director Roytson Tan 陈子谦, together with co-producers MediaCorp Raintree Pictures, Scorpio East Pictures, and Infinite Frameworks, is proud to annouce that local Mando-pop songstress, Stefanie Sun 孙燕姿, will be appearing in the upcoming local musical blockbuster 12 LOTUS《十二莲花》!

Says her spokesperson, "Stefanie caught 881 last year and was impressed with what she saw and felt proud for what Royston did as a local director. Stefanie has always been supportive of local talents, so she jumped at this golden opportunity to work with Royston on his upcoming movie, 12 LOTUS."

Royston met with Stefanie and they worked out her part and costume. And with help from the production crew, she immersed herself into Royston's vision.

12 LOTUS tells the story of a singer and the heartless men in her life who use and abuse her. Spanning over 1980s, 1990s till the present day, this film will play out against the backdrop of poignant hokkien songs, which will touch audience with their resonance with the lead character.

12 LOTUS will be hitting the cinemas islandwide on 14th August 2008. The movie, co-produced by 10 TwentyEight Studios, MediaCorp Raintree Pictures, Scorpio East Pictures and Infinite Frameworks, is co-distributed in Singapore by Golden Village Pictures.

mandarin link

12Lotus. Teaser. Sunday, July 13 |

12Lotus. Updates. Saturday, July 5 |

Now in Facebook?

Royston Tan's 1028 is now on facebook. Group members can now
upload their own pictures and videos of the movie up.
Group name: 1028-十二莲花

Work in Progress
Royston & his team are currently very tied-up with post production and in the midst of additional dialogue recording being done at yellow box.
We thank the correspondent in Singapore for sneaking in a couple pictures of Royston while busy at work.

Channel 8 Summer Fiesta at Sentosa
Date: 05 July 2008 (Saturday)
Time: 2-5pm
Cast:  Royston / QYW / Mindee / Ling Ling / Eric & AMP

*more updates coming up including the listings of the events.