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about Royston Tan

Director & Film-Maker.
Location: Central, Singapore.
Birthdate: October 5th.

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just Remember. Tuesday, August 15 |

Monkeyboy's Farewell.

Hiroaki Muragishi passed away in a swimming mishap in a river in the Kouchi prefecture on 13 August 2006.
He was the actor in "Monkey Love". In this short, he was a sad orange simian on a quest to recover his heart, which had been stolen. We never did find out if he accomplished his mission, as his determined little figure vanished into the vastness of winter. All we know is he has a clue in the form of a lighter. "Just remember," the mountain told him. We have a lighter now, too. Its flame flickers on the screen of our minds and in the darkness of theaters where tired souls have always flocked to seek succor, a yellow bauble of warmth against an endless requiem of white.

Royston: what makes you happy?
Hiroaki: When I go to a river near my university, my brother and I used to play there as when we were young.
Royston: what makes you sad?
Hiroaki: When I knew that my love ones is far away from me.
Royston: i'll see you tomorrow...
Hiroaki: OK, see you...

Monkeyboy's Farewell - Hiroaki Muragishi

♥please send in your condolences thru comments. All condolences will be consolidated, compiled & sent to his family and loved ones. Please include your country of origin. Thank you.♥

Monkeyboy's Tribute - Monkeylove

the Best Goodbyes. Tuesday, August 8 |

There are different kind of goodbyes.. the best goodbye is short, the most emotive are those you kept in your smile, the sweetest are those whom you don't know.
8.8.06 9:46pm.
location: ITE Central (Bedok Campus).
- Royston Tan.

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10years. 3mins. 3seconds. Monday, August 7 |

the Story Behind That Scene.

A familiar figure approached me.
"Hello", he said.
"Is that you?" I asked.
"Yes, remember the time when we met on the set of 'The Teenage
Textbook" movie?" he said.
"Of course i do," i replied.
"It's been 10 years", he reckoned.
"I hope it won't take another 10 years for us to meet again," I laughed.
"Remember how i always broke your cigarette into half everytime to
save you 3 mins of your life?" He smiled.
"Yes I do, and it's in 4:30 the film", I replied.
"Really?" he wondered.

3 seconds of silence.
I see a sparkle in his eyes.
It's amazing the little things you do in life that can resonate for a
whole lifetime.

Thank you Shawn.