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about Royston Tan

Director & Film-Maker.
Location: Central, Singapore.
Birthdate: October 5th.

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in Melbourne. Saturday, July 29 |

the Diary of Royston (55th MIFF).

5 mins to go before going on stage for "4:30", Hewison was smiling in black. No one slept through out the film, Geoffrey Rush smoking before our acelelator's talk. The temperature was 9 degrees and sweet Elise was warming me with her smile with 28 other friendly faces. Singaporeans queueing in anticipation, can't quite remember if we met before. "I know you through your films", they said. Final check - 2 monkey suits for the all-star animal show intro for my short films screening for Melbourne International Film Festival.
- Royston Tan

back With More Pictures!
warmth of Melbourne.

in Melbourne.
For those situated in Melbourne, Australia:
Catch Royston Tan & "4:30" In Melbourne This Weekend
Royston Tan will be in Melbourne where he is a guest of the MIFF.
You can catch Royston Tan and his latest feature film, "4:30" at the Melbourne International Film Festival, where "4:30" will be shown at:

Forum Theatre - Sunday, 30th of July, 1905 Hours
RMIT Capitol Theatre - Friday, 11th of August, 1700 Hours

To get tickets,

Catch him & catch "4:30" while you can.
Check back for pictures from the Melbourne International Film Festival and Royston's stay in Melbourne.

global Steps. Friday, July 28 |

Vladivostok International Film Festival.
- Pacific Meridian.

Berlin Film Festival.

Sapporo Shorts.
- Fans' Comments Signboard.

4:30 In Paris.

Coming Soon:
More international pictures.

"4:30" Unreleased. | show Times. Saturday, July 1 |

unreleased Photos!
Behind "4:30"

Xiaowu|Jung On Set.

blood Sweat Tears Left Behind.

Enjoy. Catch "4:30" In Cinemas!

"4:30" (NC16) - Movie Times.

Monday 17th July 2006
Plaza Singapura (GV)
Tuesday 18th July 2006
Plaza Singapura (GV)
Wednesday 19th July 2006
Plaza Singapura (GV)

*Shaw Theatres - Hotline Booking. 6738 0555. Only Visa / Mastercard reservation. No refund for uncollected tickets. Booking surcharge of $1 will be levied.

*Golden Village - You can also book your tickets at any AXS Stations, GV's ticket hotline (1900 912 1234) or through your WAP phone at SingTel's IDEAS site (http://www.gv.com.sg/gv.wml). Cut the queue by collecting your tickets via GV COLLECT at any 200 AXS Stations island wide anytime after purchase has been completed.

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"4:30" - singapore Cinemas.
Royston Tan's "4:30" which opened in cinemas on June 29th has officially ended its run.