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about Royston Tan

Director & Film-Maker.
Location: Central, Singapore.
Birthdate: October 5th.

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awards & Achievements. | Filmography.

Royston Tan.

12Lotus *feature (2008)
My Sars Lover (2008)
Missing *animation (2007)
After The Rain (2007)
881 *feature (2007)
Sin Sai Hong (2006)
4:30 *feature (2006)
DIY (2005)
Monkeylove (2005)
New York Girl (2005)
Careless Whispherer (2005)
The Absentee (2004)
Blind (2004)
Old Parliament House (2004)
Capitol Cinema (2004)
Cut (2004)
177155 (2003)
The Old Man and The River (2003)
15: The Movie *feature (2003)
15 (2002)
Mother (2002)
24 HRS (2002)
48 on AIDS (2002)
Hock Hiap Leong (2001)
Sons (2000)
Jesses (1999)
Adam.Eve.Steve (1997)
Erase (1996)
Remain (1995)

Actor filmography:
Be with Me (2005)

Awards & Achievements:
British D&AD 2008, Nomination in Animation Category (Missing)
The Asian Film Archive Young Jury Awards 2008
*Best Direction (Monkeylove)

Pheonix Awards, Animation in The Viral Category
*Silver Award (Missing)
Pheonix Awards, Music in The Viral Category
*Bronze Award (Missing)
Creative Circle Awards, Animation in the Viral Category
*Silver Award(Missing)
Creative Circle Awards, Music In The Viral Category
*Bronze Award (Missing)
Sapporo Short Fest 2007, 2nd Sapporo International ShortFilm Festival & Market
*Best Production Design (
D.I.Y)| *Best Contemporary Short Film (D.I.Y)
Zouk/Fly Entertaintment *Silver Screen Gangster Award 2007
Jogja NETPAC Asian Film Festival 2007 *Audience Award (4:30)
Fitzroy Shorts 2007 *Punter's Choice Award, July (D.I.Y)
5th Festival of Night International Film Festival
*Grand Prix Prize (Monkeylove)
29th Clermont-Ferrand International Short Film Festival, 6th Lab Competition
*Grand Prix Winner (Monkeylove)

The FITZ Best Short Film Awards 2006 *Best Screenplay (Cut)
The FITZ Best Short Film Awards 2006 *Best Editing (Cut)
8th Iff Bratislava 2006 *Grand Prix for Best Film (4:30)
4th Rome Asian Film Festival 2006 *Best Film (4:30)
2006 Hawaii International Film Festival *NETPAC award (4:30)
2006 Sapporo Shorts Film Festival *Special Award (MonkeyLove)
HAF Award (132)
2006 Fitzroy Shorts Film Festival *Audience Prize (MonkeyLove)
Geneva Black Movie Festival *Special Mention Award (4:30)

3rd Vladivostok Pacific Meridian Film Festival *Best Short Film (Cut)
Clermont-Ferrand Short Film Festival 2005 *Canal+ Award (Cut)

Hall of Fame *Best Family TVC (Starhub)
10th Lyon Asian Film & Cultural Festival *Press award for 2nd Best Film (15)
Time Magazine *Asian Hero Award
Panasonic Digital Filmmaker Awards 2004 *First prize (Cut)
Busan Asian Short Film Festival 2004*Excellent Film Award I Kodak award (15)
Buenos Aires VI Festival Internacional de Cine Independiente
*Signis Special Mention Award for (15: The Movie)
*Best Director Award (15: The Movie)
Deauville Asian Film Festival *Special Jury Award (15: The Movie)

Filmlet 2003 *Best International Short Film (15)
Brief Encounter Short Film Festival 2003 *Best International Short Film (15)
Kurzfilmtage Winterthur 2003, International Competition *Promotion Prize (15) 
The 22nd Uppsala International Short Film Festival *UppsalaFilmkaja Award (15)
Mecal Film Festival *Special Mention for Short Film (15)
16th Singapore International Film Festival
*Netpac Fipresci World Critic Award (15: The Movie)
Newport International Film Festival *Honorable Mention (15)
Oberhausen Short Film Festival *Special Mention Award (15)
Tampere Film Festival *Best Fiction Award (15)
Hong Kong Independent Short Film & Video Awards, Asian New Force 2003
*Critics Awards for Short Film (15)
New York Film & Television Award *Silver Award (48 on AIDS)

The National Arts Council, Singapore *Young Artist of the Year 2002 
21st Uppsala International Short Film Festival 
*International Jury Honorary Mention (Hock Hiap Leong)
6th Thai Short Film & Video Festival *Best International Short Film Award (15)
Asian Television Awards 2002, Technical and Creative Winner
*Best of Show Award | *Best Cinematography Award
Promax Asia 2002 *Silver Award (48 on AIDS)
Singapore International Film Festival
*Special Achievement Award for Short film (15)
"Fest Forward" *Audience Choice Award (15)
Tampere International Film Festival
*Jury Diploma of Merit Award (Hock Hiap Leong)

Singapore Short Film Festival *The Voice Award (Mother)
6th MVA *ASEAN Director of the Year Silver Award
23rd JVC Video Award *Silver Award (Sons)

13th Singapore International Film Festival
*Best Short Film (Sons) | *Special Achievement Award (Sons)

Hong Kong IDN *Excellence in Digital Imaging Award (Senses)

Bios MTV Awards *2nd Prize Music Video (Kisses)

UTV International *Book Prize (Adam.Eve.Steve)

National Panasonic Video Award for Music Video (Erase)

NTU's All-School Students' Photo-Videographic Competition
*First prize Music Video (Remains)

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  • Anonymous Anonymous says so:
    17/9/06 23:10  

    I've bought the shorts dvd, 15 movie, i went to see 4:30 in theater, now i would like to know how to see :
    The Old Man and The River
    48 on AIDS

    Will there be shorts dvd vol II ? Or is there someplce where we can see them online ?
    Anyway thanks for the good moments top

  • Anonymous Anonymous says so:
    11/12/06 02:21  

    FINALLY a place where we can check out royton's activities! THanks to mr bodyguard! top

  • Blogger HottestSeductioN says so:
    25/2/11 02:11  

    This comment has been removed by the author. top

  • Anonymous Anonymous says so:
    25/2/11 02:12  

    Where can i watch the mother(2002) video? my teacher played it in my school once and it was very inspiring. I really hope to see it again. please do let me know top